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Photo A Day – P for The Pineapple

The Dunmore Pineapple is in Dunmore Park. It is said to be the “most bizarre building in Scotland”.

It is a summer house built in 1761. The prickly pineapple is 45 feet high.

There are 16 acres of gardens with an orchard and it has been restored by the National Trust for Scotland.

It can be rented as a holiday home!

Some people in our class have been there. We asked them what it was like and they all liked it.

Owen L has been inside it.  He was there with his mum and the rest of his family. He said that underneath it there are two sets of stairs but that’s all he remembers.

This is a picture of it. We didn’t take this picture. We got it from flickr. Here’s where we got it from



By Adam W and Jack

Photo a day O for Oats

Oats are something that grows from the ground. 

In Scotland, oats are made in to porridge and we eat it for breakfast. I don’t  eat it but my Little brother does.  My mum pours the porridge in a bowl and then she pours some milk in then she puts it in the microwave.


 Today was asked everyone in the class if they liked porridge but only some did so we done a survey to see what they like in their porridge. Most people liked milk and sugar. One girl’s sister likes salt and the rest like yogurt. But Mrs V likes honey.

by David M

Photo a Day N for Nessie



By Rachael L

Hello this is two origami Nessie models.  Nigel made them out of paper.

Modern interest in Nessie started in July 22, 1933 when George Spicer and his wife saw ‘a strange form of animal’ cross the road in front of their car.

Nigel will tell you how he made the Nessie model.

Hi I am Nigel. Our teacher found how to make an Origami Nessie on the internet. She told me to try and make it. I used paper, scissors and pencils. Here is a video showing how it was done.

M for mince and tatties

      Mince is shredded beef which is cooked and served with potatoes (tatties) and carrots.              I took this  picture  in the dinner hall.                                                                by Andrew.

“L” for Larbert High School

We are Carronshore Primary School pupils and we will be going to Larbert High School in 2013.

We have Maryam here from Larbert High School as she is doing Work Experience for a week. Today is her last day. She was also a Carronshore Pupil. We will be asking her about Larbert High School and ask her some questions.


Question 1)

Ross : “How many pupils are in Larbert High School?”

Maryam : “There are around 2,000 pupils in the school.

Question 2)

Aleena : “What is your favourite subject?”

Maryam : “My favorite subjects are English and History as I find them interesting.”

Question 3)

Ross: “How many subjects can you have?”

Maryam: “Well in First Year you get a variety of subjects. In Second Year you choose eight subjects for your standard grades and you do these courses for over 2 years. Then in Fourth Year you do 5 Highers and also do these for 2 years. It’s pretty confusing! There’s a lot more to it, but don’t worry, i’m sure you guys will get the idea soon! 🙂

Question 4)

Aleena: “Is the playground big?”

Maryam : “Yes! It is pretty big! There’s a lot of areas where you can go!”

Question 5)

Ross: “Is maths good at high school?”

Maryam: “I don’t really like maths. But it is quite good! You may find it fun :)”

Question 6)

Aleena: “Are the classrooms big?”

Maryam: “Yes! There’s all sorts of classrooms for different subjects. Like for example, there are science classrooms, maths, english, history, geography, art etc! It really depends on what subjects you are doing.”

Question 7)

Ross: “How big is your P.E  hall?”

Maryam: “There are 4 P.E halls! They are all pretty big. They also have a table tennis room and a swimming pool area.”

Question 8   )

Aleena: “How long is playtime?”

Maryam : “Break time is for around 11-15 minutes i think! Lunch is around 45 minutes”

Question 9)

Ross: “Was it scary the first time you went to high school?”

Maryam: “It was pretty scary i have to admit. Was worried i would not get a long with a few people and get lost. But after time, i became used to the school and met a lot of lovely people!”

Question 10)

Aleena: “Is Art fun?”

Maryam: “I had Art in First Year. I enjoyed the writing bit in Art, but i HATED drawing as I am the worst artist in the world haha! But you may enjoy it! Everyone likes different things!”

We enjoyed having Maryam here this week! Thankyou for answering questions!

A little message from Maryam!

“I really enjoyed working at Carronshore Primary School. It was fantastic seeing everyone all over again. I enjoyed meeting and helping all the pupils here and i think i will really miss it… all over again! I hope Primary 6V have a great 2 years at Carronshore Primary School and i hope to see you guys soon in the near future at Larbert High School! Good luck :D”

Photo a day K !

This is a picture of me modeling a Kilt .The Kilt is a Knee – length garment with pleats at the rear,Originating in traditional dress for Men and Boys in the Scottish Highlands of the 16 th   Century.Since the 19th Century it has become associated with the wider Culture of Scotland in general, or with a Celtic heritage even more broadly .It is normally worn on Formal Occasions like Highland games and Sports events.The Kilt was invented during 16th Century and a man called Tomas Rawlinson the man was a English Quaker.Also on the Scottish Kilt is a Sporran(the word Sporran is Gaelic for a “purse”. A true Scotsman does not wear anything under his Kilt !!! A Kilt is made out of a fabric called Tartan,Tartan is normally the colours Red,Black and little streaks of Green.Also a man who wears a Kilt should also wear knee-high socks.                                                                                              This is me modeling a Kilt from the Back.   By Chloe J 

photo a day j for janitar


    J is for janitor. Our school janitor is called Mr A. He runs the football team, locks the school up at night,  puts the salt down when it is snowing and he checks the school during the holidays. Mr A rings the school bells and he rings the fire bell when its a fire drill .He is one of the best janitors in the universe .

He plays jingle bells on the school bell at Christmas . In his office he monitors all the school keys. He opens the school in the morning for all the teachers. He cleans up the packed lunch hall . He also is a school nurse. He is a litter picker with pimary   2 and 3 . He also makes us laugh.:)

                                                                                                                           by louise:)


Photo a day Irn-Bru for I.

 I is for Irn-Bru.  Irn-Bru is a Scottish drink and was made by the Barr family who were from Falkirk where we live.

The reason Irn-Bru was made is because Irn workers were dying of the amount of beer they were drinking as it was very hard work.In Australia although it is exported from the UK it does not contain caffeine or quinine,so it tastes different.

The reason Irn is in the name is because it was made for people who work in Irn works.It is believed that Irn- Bru has actual  irn in it.

By Iona


Photo-a-Day H









Haggis is very spicy and we some times have haggis at school. A lot of scottish people eat haggis on Burns Night. A burns supper is when we celebrate the poetery of robert burns when the haggis comes in everybody stands up and we say this poem.

Address To a Haggis

Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie face,
Great chieftain o’ the puddin-race!
Aboon them a’ ye tak your place,
Painch, tripe, or thairm:
Weel are ye wordy o’ a grace
As lang’s my arm.

By Owen B

Photo a Day – G

Our Eco Garden

This is our eco garden it used to be very bushy. Until about last year when it cut down. Now it is sometimes used as an outside classroom. Eco is about helping to keep the school clean from litter. we recycle paper, fruit and we use litter pickers to keep the playgrounds clean from rubbish.









 Sometimes when its warm weather we go inside the eco garden.










 Glasgow Clyde Auditorium








This is the Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow. Does it remind you of anything?