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The Visit From The Bookbinder!

bookbinder linkIt was well worth the wait!!

A couple of months ago, we wrote letters to a local Bookbinder. He replied and offered to come to visit our class to show us what sort of things Tom Valentine Bookbinders does. This prospect inspired us to write our own books and we linked to some of them in a blog post. You can read the post by clicking HERE

When Louis visited our class on Friday, we were all amazed and delighted that he’d read all our finished stories … and had made them into real books – we’re going to design our own illustrations for the front covers. We’ll post pictures of them on here soon.

Here’s what Kian and Andrew said about the visit:

“We had a very exciting day! Mr Valentine came in and gave a demonstration on how to bind books. He talked about how paper has developed through the years. At the start people scratched on rocks, then the Ancient Romans invented tablet things to write on. After that the Egyptions invented Papyrus made from reeds. Next people copied papyrus and made a scroll. Then the japanese invented paper made from grass. After that the Japanese invented the first notebook.

He then told us about what skills you need to be a Bookbinder. There was reading, listening, patience, spelling, imagination, maths, communication skills and you had to be good working with your hands. As you can see there are a lot of skills you need to become a Bookbinder.

Next Mr Valentine told us about the tools and leather you use. Did you know that the glue is melted animal fat!?”

We looked at the pictures we took and tried to remember some of the things we learned. Press play and have a listen.

A Wonderful Writing Opportunity!

book letter small 

A few weeks ago, we all wrote letters to a local Bookbinding company http://www.carronvalebindery.co.uk/ .

We’re so excited that they’ve written a letter back to us saying that they would like to come to our school and show us how to bind books so that they can be published.

They didn’t just reply to our letters, though – they took the time to display them in a beautiful leather-bound book with gold lettering 🙂

book small 1

When they come to visit us, we’ll want to show them that we have great story ideas and we’ve all been very busy writing books. Some of us have been writing them on paper, and others have been writing them on our new wikispaces.

Andrew loves his new wikispace and he wrote about it on his Glow Blog.

You can read his Glow Blog post by clicking HERE .

 You can also read the start of his story on his ‘my stories’ page on his wiki:


Here are links to two more of our story pages on our new wikis:



Check back soon and read about how our stories are being updated.

Our next post will be about some of the things we do outside of school … some of it might impress you 🙂