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Latest Update – February 2011


Our Shared Class ‘Glow’ Wiki 2010 / 2011 can be found HERE


Click on the names below to visit our individual ‘Glow ePortfolio’ Wikis 2010 / 2011

Anna F

Kian G

Alyson M

Andrew F

Jack D

Ryan R

Brooke A

Kyle W

Mason W

Ryan L

Jade S

Natasha M

Hayley M

Charlotte M

Tommy M

Dylan M

Sean M

Lucy N

Lucy K

Molly H

Elisha D

Eilidh D

Robyn C

Lewis C

Jennifer M


Wikispaces  2010 / 2011 – we used these to our write stories on before the Glow Wikis came along

andrew f tommy


elishad brooke


kians weemee cameron ryant

garryc robyn kylew

hayleym charlottem lewisc

jackd declanw dylan

ryantu lucyj

PB Wikis

These spaces were used by  P7’s (during 2006/ 2007) for writing….. maybe a story, maybe writing about a hobby or an interest.

You can visit them by clicking the links below (once there, you might want to scroll down to the ‘view all pages’ option to read all the entries )

 weecourtneya3.png  wee-fraserm.png   weejaydeanc.png

    weebethanyr.png  wee-russellp.png   weemaryams.png


weeninam.png    weerhianne.jpg    weebenc.png

  weedarciew.png     wee-chloek.png   wee-annaj.png


wee-monica.png   wee-rebecca.png   wee-sophie.png


Earlier Wikispaces examples can be seen below.

Our Australia Topic wiki can be viewed here

Our Voices of the World wiki can be accessed here 

Previously, I also discovered Wetpaint. As you can see, they are now ‘ad-free’ for educators. I discovered this too late but you can see the great potential of this type of wiki by viewing our use here


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