11 thoughts on “2007 Individual Blogs

  1. i know i didnt want a blog when you first mentioned them but i have seen some of my friends blogs and i was wondering if i could get one? if its too much toruble then i really dont mind but if you had some time and you could me one up i would be very grateful. thanks mrs V.
    from Tessie

  2. Hello Tessie!
    I’m glad you’ve changed your mind – I think you will really enjoy having your own blog. I’ll email David (he set up the other pupil blogs for me – I’m sure he won’t mind setting up one more!)

  3. heya mrs V can you please put my name on the list because otherwise people can’t go on my blog unless they know the address! from tessie

  4. Hi P7 and Mrs Vass,

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed dipping into your edublogs site. It was really interesting, I especially enjoyed hearing about a Granny’s experiences in the hospital during the war. I found your site through your eTwinning posting. We are currently enjoying a project sharing Fairy Tales with three nurseries/ schools in the Czech Republic, Poland and Portugal

    Dorothy Ostacchini
    Bowhouse Nursery Class Grangemouth

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