2012 – 2013 ePortfolio Blogs!

Stuart M’s ePortfolio

 Callum A’s ePortfolio

Rachel C’s ePortfolio

Faiza J’s ePortfolio

Robbie D’s ePortfolio

Calum M’s ePortfolio

Chloe C’s ePortfolio

Connor G’s ePortfolio

Jamie D’s ePortfolio

Ross C’s ePortfolio

Chelsea A’s ePortfolio

John H’s ePortfolio

Bradley C’s  ePortfolio

James J’s ePortfolio

Ellie T’s ePortfolio

Aimee W’s ePortfolio

David D’s ePortfolio

Hayley Y’s ePortfolio

Bobby R’s ePortfolio

Ellie R’s ePortfolio

Daniel T’s ePortfolio

Jamie M’s ePortfolio

Sam M’s ePortfolio

Briana B’s ePortfolio

Nicole M’s ePortfolio

Robin G’s ePortfolio

Annalise L’s ePortfolio

Sophie C’s ePortfolio

Emily B’s ePortfolio

Abigail C’s ePortfolio



16 thoughts on “2012 – 2013 ePortfolio Blogs!

  1. Hi it was my birthday on January the 4th it was so fun me and my friend orla went to see Rise Of The Gardians it was so cake. My cake was a fat round snowman i am now 9 years old YIPEE

  2. see on our blogs mrs v can we call our stories somthing that already exsicties, but change the story oh please please please you will be my best freind. thanks xxx

    • Did you click on the ‘forgot password’ link when you tried to login?

      I’ll help you get a new one tomorrow … but you might need to remind me 🙂

  3. mrs v an we call our wiki stories somthing that already existese but change the story please youll be my bffl that means best freind for live xxxx

    • Ok, Nicole – I’m sure it will be fine 🙂 Can you remind me to read out your wiki stories in class? They’re all great!

  4. Hi Mrs V I cant log in to the wiki spaces but I am putting the proper password and user. can u help me.

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