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Our Autobiographies

For homework we were asked to find out about our past. We all interviewed our mums and dads to find out about our life before we started  school. We also brought in some photographs of important events (if we had them). We used the information to write our Autobiographies.

Here’s what we did:

  • We added the answers to our questions to Powerpoint slides

  • We inserted our photographs of the events (if we didn’t have photographs, we looked for clipart images to use)

  • We used a big font for the writing to make it stand out

  • We saved the individual slides as jpegs

  • We added all our individual jpegs to Windows Movie Maker

  • We edited the timings to make sure that the writing in the jpegs was there long enough to be read

  • We even added some music so that people can listen to it as they watch our autobiography movies

Have a look at some of them here and let us know what you think. They’re also going to be appearing on our individual ePortfolio blogs.

We hope you like them!

Katie’s Autobiography

Sam’s Autobiography

Ben D’s Autobiography

 Isobel’s Autobiography

James G’s Autobiography

Lots more Autobiographies to come, soon!!

What We've Been Up To!

This is a quick post to let everyone know just some of the things we’ve been up to recently. This week the whole school are involved in ‘Money Week’. P 6V are looking at mobile phones and their tariffs and if you click on the image here you’ll be able to read all about day one on our Glow maths blog. Mason wrote about what was happening in class – he did a great job and he’s promised to write up Tuesday’s money Week report tomorrow.

 Primary 6V seem to be enjoying the Money Week activities so far … even Ryan R’s group have promised not to be silly! Click on Ryan’s Glow Blog header icon to read what he said. Hopefully he means it 🙂 

There have been some other great recent blog posts from Primary 6V – some of them have been written at home. This weekend Anna wrote a post to tell us all that she’s finally clear of her egg allergy  and she can now tuck in to all sorts of goodies … including ice-cream! Click on her Glow header to visit her blog.

 All Primary 6V have  a Glow ePortfolio. If you’re not sure what a Glow ePortfolio is, Andrew wrote a bit about his:

“…this is actually a GlowWiki but I am using it as an ePortfolio. Incase you were wondering, an ePortfolio is something online where you record your achievements throughout the years. You can use it to get a job when you grow up as well”

Anna added this explanation to hers:

Anna's ePortfolio

..And as if all that isn’t enough, check out two of our Inanimate Alice style digital stories. There are more to come, and we’re having a film premiere on Thursday afternoon. The whole school will hopefully help us decide which group has produced the best story.

Watch this space! Meanwhile why don’t you leave us a comment to let us know what you think of the two  stories that have been published so far?

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.onetruemedia.com/share_view_player?p=db17c654da104dbdafc781" width="408" height="382" allowfullscreen="true" /]

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.onetruemedia.com/share_view_player?p=d99a62e4804490e5a7adec" width="408" height="382" allowfullscreen="true" /]

P6V Burns Poetry Finalists!

Natasha wrote a ‘nail-biting’ post tonight as she prepared to go to the annual Burns Poetry competition.

Here’s what she said:

“I know burns night was like TWO WHOLE months ago but our school are only having the competition now. Anyway me, Andrew and Robyn are the finalist’s for p6 for carronshore primary school. I’m quite nervous, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. I did a little pretend competition in front of my Teddies and I was fine, so yeah!
Andrew told me he was SO nervous he threw up last night because of it! I’m sure I’m not THAT nervous!! I’m doing ‘My Heart’s in the Highlands’. The competition is in Carron and I’ve never been there before so that’s something! I hope we win…..”

You can read the rest of her post by clicking on her Glow blog header icon.

Good Luck, Natasha – you’ll be GREAT!

And good luck to Robyn and Andrew, too. We’ll be checking out their blogs to see if they write anything about how the competition went for them 🙂


Good luck, Robyn!!!


Best of luck, Andrew 🙂

Hot Off The Press!!


Here they are – four brand new blog posts from Primary 6V.

These posts are just some of the ones published today and they’re worth reading!

 One was published earlier today, and the others were written at home after school.

They’ll be shared in class and we’ll give them each a ‘Two Stars and a Wish’ comment.

Primary 6V would also appreciate any comments from visitors.  

Reading and discussing each others’ blog posts is a great way to learn how to improve writing – much better than using textbooks 🙂

Click on the Blog Headers below to read the new posts:

1. Homer The Hamster – a great read!

2. Farewell Mrs Green – wonderful 🙂

3. Comic Relief – tomorrow!

4. Football Training – to be continued

More Great Things From Primary 6V

 Since the last post, there have been lots of new great updates on Primary 6V individual Glow blogs.

The Blog header icons below link to some great posts.

Charlotte wanted to tell everyone about her fabulous trip to New york with her Mum. She waited until she had some pictures to include before she wrote her blog post. Click on her Header icon to read about her adventures.

 Alyson has written a great account of her weekend. Click on her Header to read the blog post.

 Kian has written a wonderful imaginative story based on some bunnyhero labs characters. Click on his Header image to read about the adventures of ‘Pepe the Spanish Warrior’, ‘Hamish the Highland Pig’ and ‘Finney the Ferret’. Others in class have already begun writing their imaginative stories after creating their own online pets. What a great idea 🙂 

We’ve also been working on writing our autobiographies … visit again to have a look. They’ll be on our Glow ePortfolios soon!

Meanwhile Robyn has added hers to her blog. Click on her Header to have a look.


And if you want to see Jack’s, he’s added it to our One True Media account 

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.onetruemedia.com/share_view_player?p=d95f3e07784bf85d772aab" width="408" height="382" allowfullscreen="true" /]


More About Primary 6V's Great Blogs!

 In the previous post, there are links to some Primary 6V’s individual Glow blogs. Today we read all the posts out in class and gave them ‘two stars and a wish’ comments ….. the hardest bit was keeping the ‘star’ comments to just two 🙂

One of the posts was from Andrew who wrote:

  “Hi everyone! Everybody in my class went on a school trip to Callendar House last Friday. We went there to learn a bit more about the Victorians, which is our topic for this term”.

He also designed this image on ImageChef – it looks great so it’s been included on here!

Some more posts about the visit have recently been written on more of our blogs and there are links to them below. Let us know what you think!

Click on Robyn’s Header to read her report: 

Cameron B also wrote a post about his visit. Check it out HERE

Here’s Hayley’s memories about the  day – click to have a look

Lucy wrote a great report as well. Click on her header icon to read it

Garry enjoyed the trip and learned lots – but he’s glad he lives now and not then! Garry’s Post

Tommy’s post is HERE and Kyle’s is HERE .

It would be great if you left some comments for them.

.. But there’s more!

Matthew is in Primary 4 and has been visiting our class. His blog is already looking great. Click on his blog Header icon to read about his Treasured Possessions. 

  Ryan wrote about how much he’s looking forward to a sleepover this weekend – have a read

Finally … Anna also wrote about her weekend – and she just might keep on doing that. What a great idea! Click on her Glow blog header icon to read her latest post:

Introducing Primary 6V's Glow Spaces!


Primary 6V have their own individual Glow blogs and they update them regularly. In class, we enjoy reading new blog posts and sometimes we give them ‘Two Stars and a Wish’ (we found this animated picture and really wanted to include it here so we asked the creator and he said we could – thank you!)

If any visitors to this blog want to give some advice as to how we could improve our writing by leaving a ‘Two Stars and a Wish’ comment, we’ll do our best to follow your suggestions 🙂

 One of the recent blog comments was written by Robyn describing her visit to the Youth Club. Click on her blog Header icon to have a read:


Tommy’s been reading a book with a great title – ‘The frog and the Monster’s Toothache’! Check out what he has to say about it … and have a listen to his Voki message on his blog sidebar:


Matthew is in Primary 4 and he joins our class every day for maths. He’s only had his Glow Blog for a very short time, but he’s already learned how to make an animation and show it off on his blog. What do you think?



On Friday we went on a school trip to learn about what life was like in Victorian times. Click on the next three Blog header icons to read what Brooke, Alyson and Andrew learned:




Alice Icon.jpegWe hope you visit again soon to see how our Inanimate Alice tasks are coming along.

Check out the great effort by the Rain Drops and Wellie Boots   group!

We’re also writing our Autobiographies on our Glow Blogs and links will be on here soon, too.

Watch this space 🙂