Our Animations

Today we all made animations.

Here’s what we did:

  • In pairs, we came up with an idea for a story based on ‘kindness’

  • We made a rough plan of what our story was going to be about in our Busy Books

  • We went along to the computer suite and made our animation scenes

  • In class we all shared what we had made and had a discussion about how we could tell our stories in more detail

  • Working individually, we wrote what happened in each scene

  • We got together again with our partner and decided what bits we would use to narrate our stories

  • We recorded our stories on the class microphone

  • The audio recordings were added to the animation videos in Windows Movie Maker

  • We then uploaded the finished animation videos to our school YouTube channel

Have a look at some of them here and let us know what you think!


Our Group Plays!

This week we didn’t read from our usual reading books. Instead we used group plays. Everyone in the group highlighted their parts in the play and practised them in school and at home. On Wednesday we recorded our plays and we’ve put them on here to share. Please let us know how you think we have done by leaving us a comment!

Webster and the Treacle Toffee (Group One)


The Day Poppy Said Yes


Webster and the Treacle Toffee (Group Two)



Scottish Wars of Independence

Primary 5V have been learning about the Scottish Wars of Independence and last week Clanranald came to tell us more about life during that time.

After the visit, everyone jotted down some notes about what they had learned. We’ve added some of these orally to the pictures we took on the day.

Have a look/listen and let us know what you think.


Clanranald Final from Carronshore Primary on Vimeo.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

This is our last week at school before our Christmas break. We wrote some Winter Poems to help decorate our school hall.

First, we thought of three nouns to do with Winter – one thing that you see, one thing that you hear and one thing that you smell. We then wrote two adjectives to describe each noun.

For the last line of the poem we wrote about how all these things made us feel. Finally, we decorated the big letter ‘W’ with some winter clipart.

Here are our poems. Leave us a comment to let us know what you think of them 🙂

Winter Poems on PhotoPeach

Our National Poetry Day Friendship Cinquains

 On Thursday it was National Poetry Day  and we had a whole school assembly so that all the classes could share the poems that they had written.

The theme was ‘Stars’ and Primary 5V decided to write Friendship Cinquains .

We interviewed a good friend and asked them to describe themselves then we wrote poems.

We wrote them again onto a Powerpoint slide then saved them as a jpeg.

After that we put them all into Photostory 3 then we all voted what music we should use. We got the music from this site.

we’re going to put them on to our own ePortfolios

On Friday we showed them on the big screen to the rest of the school.

We thought they looked great!

Leave us a comment if you like our poems!


Our Friendship Cinquains from mvass on Vimeo.

Carronshore Ducklings!

All the children in the school have been fascinated by the ducklings being born in the Primary 3 classroom!

Yesterday it was our turn to visit.

We listened to Mrs Purvis explaining what was happening.

Watch the videos below and listen to what she had to say as we all looked on.

 The First Two Born – Pip and Fudge!

Number Three Is Waiting To Join Them

Mrs Purvis Explains More!

Mrs Purvis Continues To Fascinate Everyone!

Primary 6V ePortfolios

  Today, Primary 6V have been adding items to the ePortfolio categories on their individual blogs and we’ll put links to some of them in this post.

We’ve been finding it hard to find the time to add items to our ePortfolios but recently we came up with the idea of making ‘one minute movies’ to share our learning. Abbie was the first one to ask for the class Flip camera so that she could add something.

Here it is – what do you think?

Well done, Abbie!

Abbie also wrote about the math game she made with her group today and she was keen to add that to the ePortfolio section. Everyone had to devise a math game for the others others in class to play (and learn from). The thing that made it more exciting was that it had to be a game that could be played outdoors.

Primary 6V began to plan their games on paper…..and, as the weather was unseasonably warm, we decided to take the planning sheets outside and see if we could make them ‘for real’. The games were a great success (making them and playing them!) The photo in Abbie’s post shows the group demonstrating how to play their game to the others in the class. It was a great game and everyone enjoyed having a ‘go’!

Have a look at what Abbie wrote about her game on her ePortfolio. Just click HERE to read her post.

Others in class are getting the hang of updating their ePortfolios and sharing their successes inside and outside of school. Here are links to the ePortfolio sections of some of their blogs:

  • Peter has added a few posts to his ‘Outside School Achievements’ category. He’s obviously really enjoying learning how to play his drums – and those reef knots he learns to tie in Cubs are sure to come in very handy in the future! Read about his ‘Outside School Achievements’ HERE

  • Eve, on the other hand, is very proud of an achievement inside school – her story is about an alien called Bob. Maybe she’ll add some of it to her ePortfolio so that we can all read it 🙂 It sounds great! Eve’s post is HERE

  • Wouldn’t it be great to see Iona’s picture on her blog? I’m sure it’s just as awesome as her description 🙂 Read about it HERE

  • Chloe’s also really proud of her art work – but hers is an ‘Inside School Achievement’ she learned from Natasha. You can see the picture she’s proud of on her blog by clicking HERE

There are lots more examples of ePortfolio posts on the Primary 6V individual blogs and we’ll be adding more on here soon 🙂

Hot Off The Press!!


Here they are – four brand new blog posts from Primary 6V.

These posts are just some of the ones published today and they’re worth reading!

 One was published earlier today, and the others were written at home after school.

They’ll be shared in class and we’ll give them each a ‘Two Stars and a Wish’ comment.

Primary 6V would also appreciate any comments from visitors.  

Reading and discussing each others’ blog posts is a great way to learn how to improve writing – much better than using textbooks 🙂

Click on the Blog Headers below to read the new posts:

1. Homer The Hamster – a great read!

2. Farewell Mrs Green – wonderful 🙂

3. Comic Relief – tomorrow!

4. Football Training – to be continued