Our Autobiographies

For homework we were asked to find out about our past. We all interviewed our mums and dads to find out about our life before we started  school. We also brought in some photographs of important events (if we had them). We used the information to write our Autobiographies.

Here’s what we did:

  • We added the answers to our questions to Powerpoint slides

  • We inserted our photographs of the events (if we didn’t have photographs, we looked for clipart images to use)

  • We used a big font for the writing to make it stand out

  • We saved the individual slides as jpegs

  • We added all our individual jpegs to Windows Movie Maker

  • We edited the timings to make sure that the writing in the jpegs was there long enough to be read

  • We even added some music so that people can listen to it as they watch our autobiography movies

Have a look at some of them here and let us know what you think. They’re also going to be appearing on our individual ePortfolio blogs.

We hope you like them!

Katie’s Autobiography

Sam’s Autobiography

Ben D’s Autobiography

 Isobel’s Autobiography

James G’s Autobiography

Lots more Autobiographies to come, soon!!

Learning About The Olympics

So far this term, the whole school has been learning about the olympics and how they originated.

We’ve been tracking our learning on the School Website

Last week, our task was to learn about Ancient Greek Myths, Legends and Fables. On Friday each class invited other classes to come and see what we had all learned.

Primary 6V mostly concentrated on Aesop Fables. Have a look/listen at just a few of the presentations we shared…. every class seemed to enjoy them. We’d love to know what the visitors to our class blog think. Please leave us a comment to let us know.

 1. The Boy Who Cried Wolf – An Aesop Fable

2. The Hare and the Tortoise – An Aesop Fable

2. The Ant and the Grasshopper – An Aesop Fable

There will be lots more added to our class blog before the end of term …. check back soon 🙂

Photo a Day W – The Falkirk Wheel

The Falkirk Wheel connects the Forth and Clyde Canal and the Union Canal.

Until 1933 the two canals were linked by a set of 11 locks.

Today, canal boats on the Forth and Clyde Canal are lifted up 35m (115ft) to the Union Canal.

Queen Elizabeth II officially opened the Falkirk Wheel on 24 May 2002 during her Golden Jubilee celebrations.

It cost £17.5m to create it!

It’s now one of Scotland’s top tourist destinations.

You can find out all about it on the website by clicking here

Negotiated Learning

Very recently, I stumbled upon a comment on twitter by Oliver Quinlan about Negotiated Learning.

I followed a link to his blog and read this :

“Mr Quinlan… can I show you something..?”

You don’t have to have been teaching long to have had one of those moments; when a pupil brings you something amazing they have done of their own accord. When left to their own devices children and young people can often come up with the most exciting examples of their learning

I decided to introduce the idea to my Primary 6 stage class last week – and they loved it. I wanted to stress that the idea wasn’t about regurgitating what they already knew, but that the point was to learn something new then share this new learning with their peers.

  I quickly made a makeshift ‘first ideas’ proposal sheet for them to complete.

They were allowed to work on the task on their on, in pairs, or in small groups.

There was a buzz of excitement in the class as they all made their choices about what they were going to learn. The excitement obviously spilled to areas outwith the class, because the HT mentioned how she’d overheard some Primary 6s discussing their ‘negotiated learning’. I hadn’t had the opportunity to share the concept with her … but I think she’s sold on the idea, too now 🙂

Here’s some of the new learning that took place last week:

Safe and Responsible Use of the Internet

Last week Primary 6V  hosted a ‘Safe and Responsible Use of the Internet’ information evening. I think the title is more meaningful than the usual ‘Internet Safety’ one. I chose it because (quite a while ago now) I read a post on Ollie Bray’s blog describing the subtle difference between the two phrases. I can’t find the link to Ollie’s original post, but we did use some of the free Internet Safety and Responsible Use Cartoon Illustrations  he blogged about more recently – the class loved them!

The aim of the evening was to enable the children to share:

  • how they have been using Glow blogs and wikis in school and at home to improve learning
  • what they have learned about the dangers of the internet
  • strategies they use to keep themselves safe online

I introduced the class to prezi and they all voted to use that instead of their powerpoint presentation. I’ve included a copy of it here.

It’s taken me longer than I’d intended to blog about this.

I’ll also try to blog about our attempts at ‘Negotiated Learning’ before the end of term. The children are loving it – thanks to Oliver Quinlan for the idea 🙂

Photo a Day J

 Hi it’s Cameron L here my photo letter is J, so I took a picture of the Janitor’s office!

I took a picture of his office door because it was something that started with J.I like the janitor because he is the football coach for Carronshore School and he helps us to train.

Photo A Day I

Hi, Garry here for photo a day  I had the letter I but I couldn’t find anything starting with I so I just thought of something in the ICT suite….

wait for it GIANT KEYBOARD!!!!!!!!                 

so bye then.        🙂

Photo A Day – H


H is for Happy.

There were lots of happy people in Carronshore when the Pied Piper group came to our school.

Eilidh took the class camera into the big hall and took lots of pictures.


The slideshow below was made by Eilidh to show all the pictures she took of the happy event!

pied piper slideshow

Photo A Day G

Hi ,mason here!My photo a day picture is going to be a victorian Gentlemen. Notice Gentlemen starts with G.So heres my victorian gentlemen I made at art.                                                                       

It took me time to make but I finished last monday.I used tights and cotton to make the head and done alot of pinching to make the eyes and nose and the hair is red fur or something!I used paper for the shirt,Short fur material for the waist coat,orange leather for buttons,card for gun on his back and brown leather for the gun strap.The frame was made from cardboard.It also had pasta bits on it and also gold paint.It is really smart and other peoples are really cool aswell.Its suposed to be a hunter!Other people done a gentlemen in a suit and a hat.The girls done queen victoria.They used some cool material aswell!

Photo A Day – F

  Today our Fabulous Trophies arrived! We all saved up for them and Natasha phoned up in class and ordered them. This one is for the winning group. They will be able to have it on their table all week. We are going to take it with us to Primary 7.

The other ones were for the prizes in our Inanimate Alice competition. The winning group chose these trophies.





The runners-up chose these trophies. We got to take them home today.

The group who were third all chose a medal and they chose their own colour of ribbon. They say 3rd and clip on to the ribbon.


 Everybody was very excited when they got delivered and it was Jade’s dad who brought them to the school because he works for the delivery company! It was Tommy M who chose F for Fabulous Trophies.