Photo A Day G

Hi ,mason here!My photo a day picture is going to be a victorian Gentlemen. Notice Gentlemen starts with G.So heres my victorian gentlemen I made at art.                                                                       

It took me time to make but I finished last monday.I used tights and cotton to make the head and done alot of pinching to make the eyes and nose and the hair is red fur or something!I used paper for the shirt,Short fur material for the waist coat,orange leather for buttons,card for gun on his back and brown leather for the gun strap.The frame was made from cardboard.It also had pasta bits on it and also gold paint.It is really smart and other peoples are really cool aswell.Its suposed to be a hunter!Other people done a gentlemen in a suit and a hat.The girls done queen victoria.They used some cool material aswell!

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