Photo A Day – F

  Today our Fabulous Trophies arrived! We all saved up for them and Natasha phoned up in class and ordered them. This one is for the winning group. They will be able to have it on their table all week. We are going to take it with us to Primary 7.

The other ones were for the prizes in our Inanimate Alice competition. The winning group chose these trophies.





The runners-up chose these trophies. We got to take them home today.

The group who were third all chose a medal and they chose their own colour of ribbon. They say 3rd and clip on to the ribbon.


 Everybody was very excited when they got delivered and it was Jade’s dad who brought them to the school because he works for the delivery company! It was Tommy M who chose F for Fabulous Trophies.

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  1. Mrs Vass I was trieing to do my holland project on my ePortfolio but when i clicked view natasha m’s ePortfolio this came up

    Site settings could not be loaded
    We were unable to locate the API to request site settings. Please see below for debugging information. If this is a new install, try refreshing – the API is simply taking its time loading up!

    HTTP Response Status Code: 0

    couldn’t connect to host

    what does that mean?

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