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Burns Poetry Competition Update

Our last Class blog post was about the annual Burns Poetry Competition with a neighbouring school. We had some great primary 6v competitors this year – but we didn’t get the coveted gold medal 🙁

Natasha has written a follow-up post  about her thoughts/experience of taking part in the competition – and she mentions some great advice from Robyn. She said: 

it’s not about winning its about playing the game”

 We’re very proud of our silver ‘runner-up’ medals!

All the finalists from Carronshore received a silver medal  and Robyn brought hers in to school today to show it off.

It looks great, doesn’t it!


Here’s the Primary 6V finalists … well, it’s their voices, anyway 🙂

Robyn’s poem

  Andrew’s poem

Andrew flickr

And, here’s Natasha’s

natasha flickr

P6V Burns Poetry Finalists!

Natasha wrote a ‘nail-biting’ post tonight as she prepared to go to the annual Burns Poetry competition.

Here’s what she said:

“I know burns night was like TWO WHOLE months ago but our school are only having the competition now. Anyway me, Andrew and Robyn are the finalist’s for p6 for carronshore primary school. I’m quite nervous, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. I did a little pretend competition in front of my Teddies and I was fine, so yeah!
Andrew told me he was SO nervous he threw up last night because of it! I’m sure I’m not THAT nervous!! I’m doing ‘My Heart’s in the Highlands’. The competition is in Carron and I’ve never been there before so that’s something! I hope we win…..”

You can read the rest of her post by clicking on her Glow blog header icon.

Good Luck, Natasha – you’ll be GREAT!

And good luck to Robyn and Andrew, too. We’ll be checking out their blogs to see if they write anything about how the competition went for them 🙂


Good luck, Robyn!!!


Best of luck, Andrew 🙂