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Back At School Despite The Snow!

3rd blog post picOn Thursday we all came back to school after being snow bound for over one and a half weeks. The playground was still covered in snow, though, – as you can see from our picture! 

Some of us noticed the blog post on here trying to reach Primary 6V during the Snow Days and the responses can be seen on our previous post.

Now that we’re back at school others have also been writing about how they spent their time off and have been busy updating their Glow Blogs.

Have a look at what they’ve written by clicking on the links via our Glow Blog header images.

andrew headerPoor Andrew’s family had arranged for windows in their house to be replaced … then along came all that snow! Luckily Andrew was able to spend some time with his Gran and Grandad while all the work was being done. He built a snowman as well – I have no idea how his snowman managed to survive – but he did 🙂

Andrew’s football had to be cancelled because of the snow, but he found lots more to occupy him instead. Read the rest of his post by clicking on his Glow Blog header image.

hayley headerHayley had a few attempts at building a snowman, too. She learned that it’s best not to rush it, though, because it could mean that all the work wasn’t worth it.

She had a lot of fun with her friends, but also found the time to help clear the path, put up the Christmas tree and tidy her room!

Click on her Glow Blog header and have a read … and leave a comment if you have the time 🙂

natasha headerNatasha’s Glow Blog post title is “Winter Wonderland” and she starts of by saying: 

“I thought i could do my writing in white since its about my snow days but that wouldn’t work”

I’m so glad that she decided not to write in in white because we might have missed out on her entertaining – and informative! – post. There’s Christmas

  • ‘hints and tips’

  •  recipes

  • short stories

… and lots more. Don’t miss out by not having a read 🙂

kyle header

 Kyle was ‘over the moon’ when he heard his mum saying that school was off because of the snow but he soon realised that going out to play in it was risky – on day one he fell and hurt himself!

Kyle’s dad learned just how dangerous the snow was as well when he got stuck in traffic coming back from Glasgow where he works, but he was luckier than one of his workmates who was stuck in his car for 21 hours … scary!! 

lucy n header

 Lucy learned that winter was here when her mum got a text from the school to say that it was having to close because of the weather. Her mum had been planning to go Christmas shopping, but she soon realised that it would be much safer if everyone stayed at home instead.

A week later, everyone thought that it would finally be safe to travel to school again … and then the text came. The weather was now worse than ever 🙂

robyn's header

 Robyn was not impressed by her mum’s efforts to build a snowman and decided to lend a hand … and so did some of the neighbours. Robyn describes the events really well and in te end their snowman was superb – I would love to see some pictures!

Robyn’s description of her little brother Lucas crying at the ‘Lion King’ DVD makes me want to hug him, too! Have a read by clicking on her header link 🙂

Don’t forget to check back for more of our Snow Day reports and activities updates … apparently it’s to snow again at the end of this week!!!


8 School Days of Snow, Snow… and More Snow!

8 daysWell, we’ve finally returned to school after more than a week and a half of being snow bound!!

 When I wrote the last blog post on here trying to reach Primary 6V, I had no idea if any of you were listening – but it turned out that you were!

Some of you wrote posts straight on to your Glow Blogs, and others decided to write in a Word Document first then copy this on to your blog. Thank you for taking time out from your fun Snow Day activities to write these reports and stories. We’ve already shared some in class, and we’ll be sure to read out the rest next week. Just in case any of you pay a visit to our class blog meanwhile, however, I’ve added a link to them here.

It was good fun having some time off, but it’s lovely to see you all back in class again for the Christmas Countdown 🙂

jade's headerThe first Snow Days activity report was from Jade. She wrote about an experiment that she carried out with the help of her dad. She made a great job of writing up a step by step account of what they did, and even included some super pictures to illustrate the results. There’s a link to her blog post via her great header picture.

alyson's headerAlyson was next to publish something during the Snow Days. She wrote a detailed report about how she spent her time. What a busy time she had – even managing a trip to Glasgow in that weather! There are great comments from her dad and grandad as well 🙂


jack's headerJack noticed the message on this blog and set about writing a wonderful story called. “A Snowy Adventure For Two Polar Bears”. He wrote it up on a Word Document first, then copied it on to his Glow Blog. Jack’s stories are always entertaining. I’m sure you all still remember the hilarious Rediculous Underpants Eating Toilet  he wrote for the Bookbinder 🙂 His Blog Header image will take you to his latest story.

kian's headerJack mentioned to Kian that there was a message for primary 6V and, as a result, Kian updated a Word Document daily before copying it on to his Glow Blog to share with the rest of us. He spent the first few Snow Days enjoying playing outside and entertaining his little sister on his Wii. Sometimes he had to go to his Mum’s shop, and reports on what happened when the Motorway to Glasgow had to close because of the weather.

Now that we’ve returned to school, others have been updating their Glow Blogs with their own reports of how they spent their time off school because of the snowy weather.

anna's headerAnna has taken the time to write this super description of how her Snow Days were spent. She even had the time to get her frogs in to the ‘Christmas Spirit’ .. we all know how much Anna loves her frogs!! Check out her report by clicking on her Froggy header 🙂


eilidh's headerFinally, here’s a link to Eilidh’s new blog post about her Snow Days. She managed to make an igloo (eventually), and even though she hates shopping, she managed to put up with it because she had £30 to spend on buying Christmas presents! I’m sure her family and friends will love them.

An Important Message For Primary 6V!!

snow viewToday is our third day of being snowed in! It must be very exciting for all of Primary 6V and I’m sure you’ve all found plenty to do outside in the ‘Winter Wonderland’ 🙂

As we are now off until Monday, I’d like you to find the time to either:

1. Write an account of how you’ve spent your three days off school


2. Write an imaginary story about a Snowy Winter Wonderland Adventure

You can write on your Glow Blog, on a new page of your Wiki (this might be best if it’s a story you want to add to later), or you can write on paper if you prefer that or if you can’t get access to a computer.

We’ll read them all out in class  when we finally get back to school!

snow journal

Another great idea is to log in to Aberdeenshire’s super Snow Glow Group. There are lots of great ideas for things to do while you’re off school because of the bad weather. For example, there are links to help you create a Winter Comic Book, or advice as to how to become a Winter Nature Detective. Just click on the Snow Journal icon and log in with your Glow Blog username and password.

Leave a comment on here if you need any help, or if you manage to complete any of the activities 🙂

Meanwhile, though, Dylan has returned home from Lanzarote (he must have been surprised to see all the snow here!) and he’s begun to write about his holiday on his Glow Blog. I hope he adds more soon. Charlotte has also written about her trip to New York last week…. and Andrew has written a great post about his brother’s exciting football news!!

Click on their weemees to take you to their Glow Blogs. Please leave a comment for them 🙂

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