An Important Message For Primary 6V!!

snow viewToday is our third day of being snowed in! It must be very exciting for all of Primary 6V and I’m sure you’ve all found plenty to do outside in the ‘Winter Wonderland’ 🙂

As we are now off until Monday, I’d like you to find the time to either:

1. Write an account of how you’ve spent your three days off school


2. Write an imaginary story about a Snowy Winter Wonderland Adventure

You can write on your Glow Blog, on a new page of your Wiki (this might be best if it’s a story you want to add to later), or you can write on paper if you prefer that or if you can’t get access to a computer.

We’ll read them all out in class  when we finally get back to school!

snow journal

Another great idea is to log in to Aberdeenshire’s super Snow Glow Group. There are lots of great ideas for things to do while you’re off school because of the bad weather. For example, there are links to help you create a Winter Comic Book, or advice as to how to become a Winter Nature Detective. Just click on the Snow Journal icon and log in with your Glow Blog username and password.

Leave a comment on here if you need any help, or if you manage to complete any of the activities 🙂

Meanwhile, though, Dylan has returned home from Lanzarote (he must have been surprised to see all the snow here!) and he’s begun to write about his holiday on his Glow Blog. I hope he adds more soon. Charlotte has also written about her trip to New York last week…. and Andrew has written a great post about his brother’s exciting football news!!

Click on their weemees to take you to their Glow Blogs. Please leave a comment for them 🙂

Andrew's Post    Charlotte's Post    Dylan's Post

5 thoughts on “An Important Message For Primary 6V!!

  1. That sounds great, Brydon! What is your favourite move? Did you log in to Glow to do these activities?

    I’m surprised that you only had one day off in your Shetland school. Does your teacher live very near to your school? Or maybe you’ve escaped the really bad weather we’re having here in Falkirk! It’s been an unusual winter for us so far 🙂

  2. Dear Mrs V,
    This Satuarday is my birthday :)……but i cant have a party because i cant hand out mt invatations i have handed one out to Molly and one to amy (other class),i havent handed one out to lucy K, cammeron B ,Cammeron G (OTHER CLASS) and Angus M (other class),i am going to leave a comment on lucys and cammerons but how can i get in contact with the ones in the other class,Can you help me?

  3. Hi Jade,

    I’m sure you’ll have a great time! I have a feeling that we all might be back at school tomorrow!! If not, I’ll do my best to get in touch with them for you.

    If I don’t see you at school tomorrrow, I’ll leave a comment on your blog 🙂

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