Scottish Wars of Independence

Primary 5V have been learning about the Scottish Wars of Independence and last week Clanranald came to tell us more about life during that time.

After the visit, everyone jotted down some notes about what they had learned. We’ve added some of these orally to the pictures we took on the day.

Have a look/listen and let us know what you think.


Clanranald Final from Carronshore Primary on Vimeo.

A Short Catch Up Post

 Everyone in Primary 5V has been very busy during the first three weeks back at school after the Summer holidays.

One of the things we’ve been doing is working hard to create some collaborative digital stories … they’re almost ready so watch this space 🙂

We’ve also been getting to know our new ePortfolio spaces. It takes a while to set these up and we’re really keen to share what we’ve been achieving inside and outside of school. Meanwhile some of us have been experimenting with our new spaces and we’ve updated them in our own time using the ‘Our News’ categories. Have a look at some of them and let us know what you think.

Ellie R wrote a post about her weekend. It sounds like she really enjoyed it. Have a read by clicking on the image below. Let her know what you think of her ePortfolio so far.








Daniel T has chosen a great theme. Everyone in class likes to click on the different theme effects at the top of his new ePortfolio. He took some time to write a short post about how much he’s looking forward to learning in Primary 5V. Click on his blog image below to pay a visit.







Aimee W has chosen yet another ePortfolio theme and last night she decided to have a go at writing a post from home so that she could tell about her short break in North Berwick this weekend. Click her blog image to read her post – leave a comment if you have time!



The Carronshore Ducklings – Week Two!

   Just last week, we blogged about how our Carronshore Ducklings were beginning to hatch .

   Look at the picture of Mrs Purvis holding one of them today. Can you believe the size of them now? Iona, Ross, Vania and Peter went along to the Primary Three classroom today to have another  look at them.

     When they were there, they were lucky enough to have had the chance to talk to Mrs Purvis about the ducklings.

  They took our Flip Video camera along with them.

One Minute Videos

Recently Primary 6V worked in groups to plan topics for a one minute video.

After that they were busy:

  • making plasticine models

  • taking pictures using digital cameras

  • editing their pictures in Microsoft Picture Manager

  • creating playscripts

  • recording their voices on our Easi Speak microphone

  • editing their recordings on Audacity

  • importing their saved mp3 files and jpegs into Window’s Movie Maker

  • using the edit facilities in Windows Movie Maker to create their one minute videos

It was all their own work from start to finish …with no teacher imput. What an achievement to have learned so much in such a short time!

Have a look at two of their videos here (more will follow!) and let us know what you think.

Carronshore Ducklings!

All the children in the school have been fascinated by the ducklings being born in the Primary 3 classroom!

Yesterday it was our turn to visit.

We listened to Mrs Purvis explaining what was happening.

Watch the videos below and listen to what she had to say as we all looked on.

 The First Two Born – Pip and Fudge!

Number Three Is Waiting To Join Them

Mrs Purvis Explains More!

Mrs Purvis Continues To Fascinate Everyone!

Learning About The Olympics

So far this term, the whole school has been learning about the olympics and how they originated.

We’ve been tracking our learning on the School Website

Last week, our task was to learn about Ancient Greek Myths, Legends and Fables. On Friday each class invited other classes to come and see what we had all learned.

Primary 6V mostly concentrated on Aesop Fables. Have a look/listen at just a few of the presentations we shared…. every class seemed to enjoy them. We’d love to know what the visitors to our class blog think. Please leave us a comment to let us know.

 1. The Boy Who Cried Wolf – An Aesop Fable

2. The Hare and the Tortoise – An Aesop Fable

2. The Ant and the Grasshopper – An Aesop Fable

There will be lots more added to our class blog before the end of term …. check back soon 🙂

A Farewell To Rachael

We were all very sad today because Rachael is moving house and she is going to a new school tomorrow. This afternoon we gave her a lovely card so that she can think of us when she’s in her new class.

We all sat in a circle at the end of the day and, as usual, we nominated people in the class who deserve a Class Dojo point. It was really funny to watch the look on Rachael’s face because we had planned to keep on nominating her until she reached 100 points! Once she had her 100 points, she was able to spend them on lots of goodies from our class Treasure Box 🙂

We hope that Rachael keeps in touch with us by posting all about her new school on her blog. She’s been a great classmate to everyone and we’re all sure that she’ll meet loads of new friends really soon. You can visit Rachael’s blog by clicking HERE.

Before she left, Abbie had an idea to make her a tribute and she asked some friends to help then everyone in the class said something nice about Rachael. It was lovely. Have a look at it below.

Goodbye 🙁 on PhotoPeach

Photo a Day Z – Zoo …..Pandas in Edinburgh

This is a panda pictures from  Hong Kong  in 2009 .

It is called On On and his friend’s called guy guy.

I forgot how to spell the two names.

You maybe know all pandas a go in to die.

Maybe this year all pandas in China are going to die because people are hunting them.


Two Pandas known as Tian Tian and Yang Guang, or ‘Sweetie’ and ‘Sunshine’ arrived in Edinburgh Zoo just after lunchtime on Sunday 4th December 2011.


We hope that they will have a baby and there will be more pandas in the world.

By Nigel C – by the way, I am from Hong Kong but I live in Scotland now.