A Farewell To Rachael

We were all very sad today because Rachael is moving house and she is going to a new school tomorrow. This afternoon we gave her a lovely card so that she can think of us when she’s in her new class.

We all sat in a circle at the end of the day and, as usual, we nominated people in the class who deserve a Class Dojo point. It was really funny to watch the look on Rachael’s face because we had planned to keep on nominating her until she reached 100 points! Once she had her 100 points, she was able to spend them on lots of goodies from our class Treasure Box 🙂

We hope that Rachael keeps in touch with us by posting all about her new school on her blog. She’s been a great classmate to everyone and we’re all sure that she’ll meet loads of new friends really soon. You can visit Rachael’s blog by clicking HERE.

Before she left, Abbie had an idea to make her a tribute and she asked some friends to help then everyone in the class said something nice about Rachael. It was lovely. Have a look at it below.

Goodbye 🙁 on PhotoPeach

2 thoughts on “A Farewell To Rachael

  1. hi everyone i really miss you i hope you are doing well . I wish i could see you all again i will ask my mum if we can visit after Easter . Thaks so much to everyone for the comments about me and i would like to say hi to abbie , melissa , vania , and louise .plz can you read this out to the class . bye bye .

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