Our Group Plays!

This week we didn’t read from our usual reading books. Instead we used group plays. Everyone in the group highlighted their parts in the play and practised them in school and at home. On Wednesday we recorded our plays and we’ve put them on here to share. Please let us know how you think we have done by leaving us a comment!

Webster and the Treacle Toffee (Group One)


The Day Poppy Said Yes


Webster and the Treacle Toffee (Group Two)



11 thoughts on “Our Group Plays!

  1. I think what the class did was excellent! Well done all. This is a fantastic way of achieving literacy, health and well being, and technologies outcomes within the CfE.

    Sofi has done well practising her lines and doing expressions. I am very proud of her and think it’s great for her confidence.

    Keep going guys!!

    • Thank you so much for leaving your kind comment! We all really enjoyed doing the plays and we are all very proud of ourselves 🙂
      We’ve got plans for some other super stuff to put on here soon…..so watch this space!

    • Thank you very much for visiting our class blog. We’ll put a new post on soon about everybody’s new individual ePortfolio blogs 🙂

  2. Excellent job P3, it was great to watch you performing your plays in class. I am sure everyone has enjoyed listening to them at home. Looking forward to the next one:)

    • Thank you, Mrs B! We loved doing the plays and we’ll ask Mrs V if we can do another one soon! See you on Thursday,

      from primary 3V/B

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