More Great Things From Primary 6V

 Since the last post, there have been lots of new great updates on Primary 6V individual Glow blogs.

The Blog header icons below link to some great posts.

Charlotte wanted to tell everyone about her fabulous trip to New york with her Mum. She waited until she had some pictures to include before she wrote her blog post. Click on her Header icon to read about her adventures.

 Alyson has written a great account of her weekend. Click on her Header to read the blog post.

 Kian has written a wonderful imaginative story based on some bunnyhero labs characters. Click on his Header image to read about the adventures of ‘Pepe the Spanish Warrior’, ‘Hamish the Highland Pig’ and ‘Finney the Ferret’. Others in class have already begun writing their imaginative stories after creating their own online pets. What a great idea 🙂 

We’ve also been working on writing our autobiographies … visit again to have a look. They’ll be on our Glow ePortfolios soon!

Meanwhile Robyn has added hers to her blog. Click on her Header to have a look.


And if you want to see Jack’s, he’s added it to our One True Media account 

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