More About Primary 6V's Great Blogs!

 In the previous post, there are links to some Primary 6V’s individual Glow blogs. Today we read all the posts out in class and gave them ‘two stars and a wish’ comments ….. the hardest bit was keeping the ‘star’ comments to just two 🙂

One of the posts was from Andrew who wrote:

  “Hi everyone! Everybody in my class went on a school trip to Callendar House last Friday. We went there to learn a bit more about the Victorians, which is our topic for this term”.

He also designed this image on ImageChef – it looks great so it’s been included on here!

Some more posts about the visit have recently been written on more of our blogs and there are links to them below. Let us know what you think!

Click on Robyn’s Header to read her report: 

Cameron B also wrote a post about his visit. Check it out HERE

Here’s Hayley’s memories about the  day – click to have a look

Lucy wrote a great report as well. Click on her header icon to read it

Garry enjoyed the trip and learned lots – but he’s glad he lives now and not then! Garry’s Post

Tommy’s post is HERE and Kyle’s is HERE .

It would be great if you left some comments for them.

.. But there’s more!

Matthew is in Primary 4 and has been visiting our class. His blog is already looking great. Click on his blog Header icon to read about his Treasured Possessions. 

  Ryan wrote about how much he’s looking forward to a sleepover this weekend – have a read

Finally … Anna also wrote about her weekend – and she just might keep on doing that. What a great idea! Click on her Glow blog header icon to read her latest post:

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