We’ve Moved!!

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We haven’t posted on here for a while .. but that’s because we’ve moved ūüôā

We’re now blogging from our new class¬†GLOW blog. Have a look! ¬†click_here_6

You’ll find lots of links to our Individual GLOW blogs on there, too –¬†we’ve included some¬†links below to entice you.



And keep an eye on our class Glow maths blog, too. We’re planning to add to it very soon. You’ll find it HERE


We’ve loved all your comments over the last five years and we hope you’ll continue to visit¬†our class blog at our new home¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†click_here_6¬†

One thought on “We’ve Moved!!

  1. Hey, I really like your smiley face. I’m from the Chapelhall Smarties blog and i was wondering if you could visit it. We have lots of competitions you can enter and if you win we will post your competition on our blog. Bye x

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