Our Most Precious Possessions!

Katie 2

This week, we wrote about our most treasured possessions.

For our ‘Talking Homework’ we were asked to discuss at home what one item we treasured most.

We had to talk about how long we’d had it, where it came from, why we chose that item and what we hoped would happen to it in the future.

In class, we wrote about our treasured possession and included a description.

Some of us were able to bring the item into class and we took pictures of them. Others drew a picture of what it looked like.

We’ve added our pictures to our pieces of writing and we’ve put them on here to share with you. Katie’s is here, and others are included in our video below.

Have a look and let us know what you think.

  We’d love to hear from you!

Friendship Cinquains

Today in class we made Friendship Cinquains. A cinquain is a five lined poem that follows a pattern. First of all we interviewed a friend to find out how they would describe themselves. We also asked them what their hobbies were and what makes them a good friend. We used the information to help us write the poems. We even asked them if they had a nickname to add to the last line of the poem!

Have a look below to see how they turned out  ……. and leave us a comment to let us know what you think of our work 🙂


A Welcome from P5V – More Bio Poems

Our Bio Poems have been written, recorded and uploaded to our Voki sites for a few days now. They’re all great but we’ve been so busy in Primary 5V that we’ve not had the chance to add some more until now.

Here are Faiza J’s, Ellie R’s and Calum M’s poems for you to listen to – press the ‘play’ buttons to hear them and let us know what you think. 

We’ll all find the time to post the rest of our Bio Poems on here soon so that we can introduce ourselves……and we’ll (hopefully) be sharing some other exciting links on here in the near very near future as well 🙂

The Visit From The Bookbinder!

bookbinder linkIt was well worth the wait!!

A couple of months ago, we wrote letters to a local Bookbinder. He replied and offered to come to visit our class to show us what sort of things Tom Valentine Bookbinders does. This prospect inspired us to write our own books and we linked to some of them in a blog post. You can read the post by clicking HERE

When Louis visited our class on Friday, we were all amazed and delighted that he’d read all our finished stories … and had made them into real books – we’re going to design our own illustrations for the front covers. We’ll post pictures of them on here soon.

Here’s what Kian and Andrew said about the visit:

“We had a very exciting day! Mr Valentine came in and gave a demonstration on how to bind books. He talked about how paper has developed through the years. At the start people scratched on rocks, then the Ancient Romans invented tablet things to write on. After that the Egyptions invented Papyrus made from reeds. Next people copied papyrus and made a scroll. Then the japanese invented paper made from grass. After that the Japanese invented the first notebook.

He then told us about what skills you need to be a Bookbinder. There was reading, listening, patience, spelling, imagination, maths, communication skills and you had to be good working with your hands. As you can see there are a lot of skills you need to become a Bookbinder.

Next Mr Valentine told us about the tools and leather you use. Did you know that the glue is melted animal fat!?”

We looked at the pictures we took and tried to remember some of the things we learned. Press play and have a listen.

Assembly Presentations

Hello everybody! Today was our turn to lead the school assembly! It was a bit different from our usual assemblies though. Most of our presentations were made beforehand on the computer and then projected onto our big screen in the hall. At the start and end of the assembly we played Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson.

We showed animations, videos and slideshows about Respect. Here are some of them… 

The first one is by Anna, Demi, Robyn and Alyson. 



The next one is by Natasha, Brooke, Eilidh and Vaila:

Orla, Rachel, Charlotte, Jade, Jennifer, Molly and Elisha acted out this play about Bullying:

Andrew, Kian, Cameron B, Jack, Cameron G and Angus made an animation about respecting classmates:

Next is a slideshow by Tommy, Ryan T, Lewis and Declan:

This short film is about respecting people in your community:

This is our last animation:


We had great fun working in groups making these presentations!

 Please leave comments to let us know what you think of them 🙂

A Wonderful Writing Opportunity!

book letter small 

A few weeks ago, we all wrote letters to a local Bookbinding company .

We’re so excited that they’ve written a letter back to us saying that they would like to come to our school and show us how to bind books so that they can be published.

They didn’t just reply to our letters, though – they took the time to display them in a beautiful leather-bound book with gold lettering 🙂

book small 1

When they come to visit us, we’ll want to show them that we have great story ideas and we’ve all been very busy writing books. Some of us have been writing them on paper, and others have been writing them on our new wikispaces.

Andrew loves his new wikispace and he wrote about it on his Glow Blog.

You can read his Glow Blog post by clicking HERE .

 You can also read the start of his story on his ‘my stories’ page on his wiki:

Here are links to two more of our story pages on our new wikis:

Check back soon and read about how our stories are being updated.

Our next post will be about some of the things we do outside of school … some of it might impress you 🙂

Getting To Know Primary 6V

weemee cubeIn Primary 6V, we all have our own Glow blogs. You can find links to them HERE . If you read them, you’ll find out lots of things about what we do inside and outside school.

This post is about some of the books we like to read. We like our new reading books so much that some of us decided to write reviews about them on our Glow blogs.

You can check out Anna’s review on a Margaret Ryan book by clicking on her weemee anna . She gives it 9 out of 10, so it sounds like a good read 🙂

The book that Mason has just read comes with a warning that it contains some strong language but he still recommends it for Primary 6 stage. Have a look at what he has to say by following the link to his blog post about it mason .

The third book review is by Natasha. She gives her book seven out of ten – but she doesn’t give too much away just in case you want to try reading the book for yourself 🙂 . Check out Natasha’s review by clikcking on her weemee natasham

If anyone out there has read any of these books, we’d love to hear what you think about them. Leave us a comment and let us know if you agree or disagree with our reviews … and check back often to read about what else we write about on our Glow blogs.

Hello Edublogs

 Recently, we told everyone that P7V have moved their

individual blogs  

from learnerblogs to edublogs 

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P7V are still finding their way around their new ‘homes’, but some of them have still found the time to add some great new posts. Just click on their wemmees.

Check them out below!

hit (24k image)




So it’s goodbye learnerblogs

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…….. and HELLO edublogs

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="306" height="243" wmode="transparent" /]

 Rhiann took the time to make her jumpcut movie.


…… and we’d like to say a big welcome to Katherine who joined our class just last week 🙂

World of Work Series – Becoming a Writer .. 2

mr-white1.jpg Facts we learned about becoming a writer – by Anna, Nina and Monica (photograph by Russell).

  • Proof Readers check your work, but they don’t read the book from ‘cover to cover’ in case they get too caught up in the story and miss any mistakes. So they start from the back of the book instead

  • It’s much easier to write a book now that we have computers. Before that, the writer used a typewriter and printed off the story and the printer had to re-type everything

  • You need to find somebody to publish your book

  • There are different ways of binding a book. Mr White’s newest book has the most expensive method. Cheaper, older methods can mean that the book falls apart easily

  • It takes about a year to write a book but the book Mr White is writing this year may only take a few months as it as not as long as his others

  • He has written  loads of books and has a previous one coming out.This one will be about a mystery story and it sounds quite good.It is set in Grangemouth,Falkirk and is a story about a murder 

  • He also in his spare time writes for The Times. He has wrote a set of books all about Falkirk Football Club throughout the ages. His set of books started of with Volume 1 and is still writing the other sequels

  • His two books the 50th anniversary and the Big book of lists are both ringbinders.You can see them on our class blog!(the post down below)

  •  We would like to thank Mr White for coming and telling us about his book.It was an interesting talk and we learned loads.

The World of Work Series …. Becoming a Writer

Mr White came to talk to us today about his job as a writer. His books are about the history of Falkirk Football Club Players …… ‘The Brockville Bairns’!




It’s really exciting, because he left us 3 signed copies of his latest book. We’re going to have a competition to determine the lucky winners!!

He also left copies of 2 earlier books written by him – all the books he left for us are pictured below.




He took the time to sign the books for us 🙂


The books tell the story of Falkirk Football Club.


Nina, Anna and Monica are going to write a post about what they learned today.

It will appear on here soon 😀