Photo A Day – P for The Pineapple

The Dunmore Pineapple is in Dunmore Park. It is said to be the “most bizarre building in Scotland”.

It is a summer house built in 1761. The prickly pineapple is 45 feet high.

There are 16 acres of gardens with an orchard and it has been restored by the National Trust for Scotland.

It can be rented as a holiday home!

Some people in our class have been there. We asked them what it was like and they all liked it.

Owen L has been inside it. ┬áHe was there with his mum and the rest of his family. He said that underneath it there are two sets of stairs but that’s all he remembers.

This is a picture of it. We didn’t take this picture. We got it from flickr. Here’s where we got it from


By Adam W and Jack

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