Outdoor Maths

It was very wet and windy this morning, but last week the sun was shining! We decided to go outdoors for our maths lesson. We all had a clipboard and worksheets with questions about things we could see in the playground. Everyone in the class really enjoyed maths that day and we learned loads too!

Here is a video we made to remind us about the great time we all had learning outside. please leave a comment to let us know what you think.


Our Scottish Poems

Every January we celebrate Scottish Poetry. This year Primary 3 learned the poem ‘A Dug, A Dug’ by Bill Keys.

We performed it with a partner and we’ve chosen three recitals to share with you on here. It was hard to choose which ones to put on! Let us know what you think of them.

The first one is by Beau and Casey-Jo

Next is the recital by Caitlin and Katie.

Finally, here’s one by Ross and Stuart.

Our Animations

Today we all made animations.

Here’s what we did:

  • In pairs, we came up with an idea for a story based on ‘kindness’

  • We made a rough plan of what our story was going to be about in our Busy Books

  • We went along to the computer suite and made our animation scenes

  • In class we all shared what we had made and had a discussion about how we could tell our stories in more detail

  • Working individually, we wrote what happened in each scene

  • We got together again with our partner and decided what bits we would use to narrate our stories

  • We recorded our stories on the class microphone

  • The audio recordings were added to the animation videos in Windows Movie Maker

  • We then uploaded the finished animation videos to our school YouTube channel

Have a look at some of them here and let us know what you think!


Merry Christmas!

We hope that everyone who visits our blog has a very lovely Christmas! Today we joined up with Primary 4D and sang ‘Away in a Manger’. Ross, Casey-Jo, Katie and Aaron played the Bell Plates while we were singing. We added our singing to some of our Winter Pictures we’ve been colouring in class.

Have a look below …… and we’ll see you all again in 2014!!

Our Autobiographies

For homework we were asked to find out about our past. We all interviewed our mums and dads to find out about our life before we started  school. We also brought in some photographs of important events (if we had them). We used the information to write our Autobiographies.

Here’s what we did:

  • We added the answers to our questions to Powerpoint slides

  • We inserted our photographs of the events (if we didn’t have photographs, we looked for clipart images to use)

  • We used a big font for the writing to make it stand out

  • We saved the individual slides as jpegs

  • We added all our individual jpegs to Windows Movie Maker

  • We edited the timings to make sure that the writing in the jpegs was there long enough to be read

  • We even added some music so that people can listen to it as they watch our autobiography movies

Have a look at some of them here and let us know what you think. They’re also going to be appearing on our individual ePortfolio blogs.

We hope you like them!

Katie’s Autobiography

Sam’s Autobiography

Ben D’s Autobiography

 Isobel’s Autobiography

James G’s Autobiography

Lots more Autobiographies to come, soon!!

Our Winter Poems

Winter Poem by JaymieIn class, we thought it would be a nice idea to use our grammar lesson to help us write Winter Poems. Here’s what we did:

  • We thought up one thing that we see, hear and smell in winter (nouns)

  • Next, we added two ‘WoW’  words (adjectives) to describe them

  • Finally, we thought up three words to describe our feelings about winter

  • We went along to the computer room and wrote our poems in a Microsoft Publisher template

  • We decorated a big ‘W’ with clipart at the start of the poem

  • We saved the publisher documents as jpegs

  • We uploaded the jpegs to Windows Movie Maker and added some nice Christmas music

Have a look! What do you think?

Our Class Trip to Callendar House

    Today we all went along to Callendar House to learn more about our Ancient Romans topic.

  It was a great trip and we learned lots of new information about the Ancient Romans when they lived in Scotland.

As soon as we got back to class, we had a look at the pictures from our trip and they helped us to remember what we’d learned.

We quickly recorded what we remembered and uploaded everything to Windows movie Maker.

Have a look at our movie …….. and please ask us any questions about our trip to help us remember even more details 🙂


Our Digital Stories!

Last week, Primary 3 had the job of re-telling the stories in their reading books. Each group planned out the story, then made the scenes out of modelling clay. We took pictures of the scenes, recorded our narrations then uploaded everything to Windows Movie Maker.

All the groups have completed theirs now and they are on here for you to have a look at. Please let us know what you think of our first attempt at making Digital Stories!

Group 1 – Yummy Scrummy!

Group 2 – Webster’s Week

Group 3 – The Little Dragon

Group 4a – Yo Ho Ho

Group 4b – Yo Ho Ho

Group 5 – The Football Accident (this group made up their own story!)

Group 6 – Fetch The Stick, Webster

Our Most Precious Possessions!

Katie 2

This week, we wrote about our most treasured possessions.

For our ‘Talking Homework’ we were asked to discuss at home what one item we treasured most.

We had to talk about how long we’d had it, where it came from, why we chose that item and what we hoped would happen to it in the future.

In class, we wrote about our treasured possession and included a description.

Some of us were able to bring the item into class and we took pictures of them. Others drew a picture of what it looked like.

We’ve added our pictures to our pieces of writing and we’ve put them on here to share with you. Katie’s is here, and others are included in our video below.

Have a look and let us know what you think.

  We’d love to hear from you!

Friendship Cinquains

Today in class we made Friendship Cinquains. A cinquain is a five lined poem that follows a pattern. First of all we interviewed a friend to find out how they would describe themselves. We also asked them what their hobbies were and what makes them a good friend. We used the information to help us write the poems. We even asked them if they had a nickname to add to the last line of the poem!

Have a look below to see how they turned out  ……. and leave us a comment to let us know what you think of our work 🙂