Our Digital Stories!

Last week, Primary 3 had the job of re-telling the stories in their reading books. Each group planned out the story, then made the scenes out of modelling clay. We took pictures of the scenes, recorded our narrations then uploaded everything to Windows Movie Maker.

All the groups have completed theirs now and they are on here for you to have a look at. Please let us know what you think of our first attempt at making Digital Stories!

Group 1 – Yummy Scrummy!

Group 2 – Webster’s Week

Group 3 – The Little Dragon

Group 4a – Yo Ho Ho

Group 4b – Yo Ho Ho

Group 5 – The Football Accident (this group made up their own story!)

Group 6 – Fetch The Stick, Webster

2 thoughts on “Our Digital Stories!

  1. These are amazing P3 V/B! You have put lots of work into retelling your stories. Some budding film directors here I think:)

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