Our Class Trip to Callendar House

    Today we all went along to Callendar House to learn more about our Ancient Romans topic.

  It was a great trip and we learned lots of new information about the Ancient Romans when they lived in Scotland.

As soon as we got back to class, we had a look at the pictures from our trip and they helped us to remember what we’d learned.

We quickly recorded what we remembered and uploaded everything to Windows movie Maker.

Have a look at our movie …….. and please ask us any questions about our trip to help us remember even more details 🙂


5 thoughts on “Our Class Trip to Callendar House

  1. What a wonderful educational trip. I loved listening to it . you are all great at recording and giving information on line. Every year I go down to hadrian’s wall in the north of England with a walking group.
    It is so long and exposed to all the wind and rain. You are really tired walking along all the forts , and wonder what the people of Scotland felt when they couldnt pass it to get to their English friends and trade..
    Thankyou for sharing your stories. Keep up the good work !

    • Dear Pat,
      Thank you for your great comment. We glad you liked our blog post and we learned a lot from what you told us! Have you ever visited Callendar House? it’s great!

  2. That video was gggrraaet as a bannana. Do you like it do you. 100-1+9-100=-8 is that talint. I love that video. good by. 3V/B

    • Thank you Sam. Your comment made us smile 🙂

      We take it you like bananas!

      We worked out your maths problem. You have got a lot of talent! Do you have any more for us to solve?

  3. I really enjoyed listening to all the information on the Romans and looking at the pictures you took, the artefacts and Roman armour looked really interesting. It looked like a really fun day out!

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