Photo a Day- U – Heilanman’s Umbrella

The Heilanman’s umbrella is a famous land mark in the center of Glasgow.

It is the local nickname for the glass walled railway bridge which carries the platforms of Glasgow  central station across argyle street .

With the city’s stormy weather and the meeting of the Highlanders it came to be known as the Hielanman’s Umbrella.

In 1998 the bridge was refurbished by rail track. We got this picture from here

By Aleena and Louise

3 thoughts on “Photo a Day- U – Heilanman’s Umbrella

  1. Hey Mrs vass Andrew here I am having problems with my blog because I was trying to write a blog post tonight and it just would not work.can you help me please?

  2. I was a regular visitor to the HIELANMANS UMBRELLA, I worked in Notini’s fish and chip shop in Renfrew, and we bought the wrapping paper from a shop on the right hand side, about half way through. This would have been around 1957. Thank you for the memory.

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