Photo a Day T – The Thistle

The Thistle

is a Scottish flower and if you touch it you may get a rash from the extremely spiky bits. The Thistle has been a Scottish flower for several years, also it has hair on the top that is really furry and soft.

It also has a stem that can grow really long.

If you go to  certain fields you see lots of Thistles.

Now we will tell you the story about the Thistle.

The Vikings were going to attack the Scottish but the Thistle saved the Scottish. 

Now I will tell you the full story.  

It all started at Stirling Castle . The guards were sleeping and there was a hole bunch of Thistles but they did not know what they were then. The Vikings were not wearing shoes and they started to walk across the Thistles to get to the gate , and because they weren’t wearing shoes the Thistles jagged them with their spikes and because it was so sore they screamed and woke up the guards and then the guards went and started to attack the Vikings.

That is why the Scots picked the Thistles .

By Jake , Eve and Chloe  

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