Photo a Day S – Scottish Poet

  Our famous Scottish poet is Robert Burns.

Robert burns wrote many famous Scottish poems like To  a Mouse and A Man’s a Man For a’ That . Rachael brought this book in which has all his poems and songs.

Every January we celebrate the life of Robert Burns by learning Scottish poems. We have a competition with Carron Primary. In Primary six and seven it needs to be a Burns poem. Today we listened to some people on a website who read his poems.

We got to choose two of his poems to take home. Last year Carron Primary won, but we’ll try to win this time!

We’ll let you know.

By Blair and Aidan


4 thoughts on “Photo a Day S – Scottish Poet

  1. Hi Mrs Vass its eilidh D i was in your class last year if you cant remember! My blog isnt working i forgot password and when i post something it vanishes! what will i do if you can tell me at school. xxxx 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hello Eilidh – of course I remember you 🙂
      I’ll reset your Glow blog password tomorrow. If you still can’t post anything, I’ll move everything to primaryblogger for you (that’s what a lot of P6V are using this session).

  2. Hi mrs v when i try to put my prezi on my gusses what post disappears. I have tried it 3 times but each time it disappers. could u please help me at school tomorrow?

    • Hello Abbie,
      Primaryblogger was doing some strange things again today. We’ll see what happens tomorrow and if things still don’t work, I’ll get in touch with them.
      I know it’s frustrating, but I hope you keep blogging 🙂

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