A Successful Falkirk TeachMeet!

 I think we all had a great time at the first Falkirk TeachMeet – I know I did, anyway!

It was great to see it all coming together as people worked very hard behind the scenes to make sure that everything was just as it should be. Katie  John Cassie Rich Peter were all beavering about two hours before ‘kick off’. A mention needs to be given to the staff at Carronvale House, Larbert . The venue was great and we couldn’t fault the service and value for money 🙂

There’s loads of other people to thank, too. John deserves a special mention for doing a brilliant job as M.C. The presenters were all great – and Con had us laughing in the aisles as he entertained us with his singing during his talk on how twitter is a great tool for CPD 🙂

A great big thank you again, too, to all our sponsors ……..   and the loan of the Smart Board from Steljes was just brilliant!

Unfortunately I didn’t get round to timing my presentation (and probably blethered some unnecessary nonsense as well)  so I only told half of the ePortfolio story that I’ve been working on with a small group of P6 children recently.

I suppose that making a 7 minute presentation requires similar skills as the art of  summarising what you want to say on twitter? I still struggle to join in with twitter converstations because I usually fail miserably to get points over in just 140 characters.

Here’s the gist of my presentation from TeachMeet Falkirk. It’s followed by some snapshots of the children’s ePortfolios …. and an explanation from one of them as to what he perceives an eportfolio to be about.

View more presentations from carronshore.

Play the presentation below to hear the Primary 6 perspective ………. ePortfolios in Plain English?

4 thoughts on “A Successful Falkirk TeachMeet!

  1. Glad to see this post on tmfalkirk09, I had a great time. Wonderfully organised by yourself and the Falkirk team, with great presentations. I hope to get a post up at the weekend.
    I also hope that all the other presenters will post there presentations somewhere for further digestion. Also pleased to see that this is the first Falkirk TeachMeet, which of course implies a second;-)

  2. Glad you were able to join in remotely – your sponsorship was much appreciated and well spent 🙂

    I’ve noticed this primaryblogger blog’s domain name and it looks great!

    We have our own domain name in Falkirk. I need to learn how to use it in our primaryblogger blogs here.

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