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When I first stumbled upon the idea of using ePortfolios, I wrote that this would be my new recommendation when teachers ask about giving children their own online space. Since then, I’ve spent a few afternoons (3 or maybe 4, I think?) trying to ‘sell’ the idea to to a few Primary 6 stage in Carronshore Primary School. I chose these particular children because I suspected that I’d be welcomed in the school – and I knew that they were already familiar with some of the online tools available to help them tell the story of their learning journey.

I worked with six children (3 girls and 3 boys). During my first visit I tried to explain the advantages of having an ePortfolio. However, researching lots of  published information is one thing – but how do you convey that to 9/10 year olds? After I’d spent some time trying to get the message over in a way I hoped they’d understand, I asked them to go off with one of the school’s mp3 players with a built in microphone and produce a welcome message for their (so far empty wiki shell) ePortfolio. The children were familiar with the voki site and were able to create their characters and then upload their own mp3 file.

Here’s Maryam’s voki – unfortunately voki.com was down at the time of writing this post, but I have a desktop version that I’ve uploaded elsewhere. I’ve learned to be prepared 🙂


 I was satisfied that they had grasped the general idea and during my next few visits we discussed and planned more aspects of the ePortfolios, such as what pages to include and what the content should look like.  But, of course, building an ePortfolio is a long process and we’ve barely scratched the surface …. but it is a start 🙂 I’ll put a page on the Carronshore blog with links to the ePortfolios.

Meanwhile here’s a link to Jaimey’s ePortfolio.


 eport post



 I’m pleased that the Art Department of the local High School are keen to be involved and have asked me along to their next departmental meeting to talk about the experiment. It would be great if the discussion area of the ePortfolios could have input from them (at the moment, it’s just the children themselves – and me).

I was also asked to go along to talk  to the L.A. Assessment Group today. I wasn’t sure what their knowledge was. I made a powerpoint presentation to try to show what I’ve learned about ePortfolios so far. I even tried to ‘wow’ them by uploading it to prezi as well 🙂

Here’s the presentation. I hope they ‘got’ it?

7 thoughts on “ePortfolios and Assessment

  1. hello mrs vass! 🙂 your probably wont remember me,but i just wanted to say i’ve not been on here in ages,and sorry that ive not been keeping my blog up. High school has been good,ive made new friends and dont really see the people that used to be in our class that much :/! I’m now in 2nd year at lhs,its not bad(:
    i thought id just leave you a comment to see that everything is going well? & i see your still into blogging and stuff which is really good 🙂 please get in touch x

    • Hello Anna 🙂

      Of course I remember you! I still have your “middle of the night ramblings” notebook – definately THE best present ever just for the smile it gives me when I read the message. And, of course, the beautiful notebook is much better than those scrappy pieces of paper I used to bring in to share my middle of the night ideas for what we might get up to in class. Happy days 🙂

      It’s great to hear that you’re enjoying High School, and I’d love to hear more about your new friends and how you’re getting on.

      I’m really enjoying my secondment and I’ll be going back to Carronshore next August. I’ve been visiting regularly to help some Primary 6’s build ePortfolios …. another new venture 🙂

  2. haha i almost forgot about that,that was a good present :D! Aw thats good i hope everything is going well,are old pupils allowed to visit again? I’d love to see all the new blogs and stuff lol :).. okay thats great! x

  3. It would be great if you could visit C’shore with me. You could talk to some of the P6’s and 7’s about how we used our blogs. I’m going to Larbert high School in February to tell the Art dept. what we’ve been doing in primary 6 here. Maybe I could arrange something before then …. you’ve given me lots of ideas!!

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