The Promised Preview!

Click to view some of the exhibits chosen for the Falkirk Council 2010 Primary Art Exhibition.

16 thoughts on “The Promised Preview!

  1. Hi Carronshore! Justin here I just thought I’d leave a comment for your amazing art exhibition! It’s so cool and I really like the world war 2 pictures they look awesome!

    But then all your art works look good, actually they look great I wish I could do that!

    Bye for now but not forever!

    Justin 🙂

    • Hi Justin
      Thanks for your positive comments – I can give you advice on how to create the WW2 pics if you want.
      Loved your string pics! We do VCOP too -as part of the Big Writing scheme. Also we took part in World Maths Day too!
      Keep in touch!
      E Williamson

  2. I’m visiting from the states in search of elementary art blogs to share with my art teacher who is just beginning a blog. I can’t wait to share your wonderful example with her. It will provide an excellent motivator!

    I teach science, but enjoy integrating art into instruction. I so enjoyed seeing the connections that your students make to science and social studies within their art work. I especially enjoyed the climate yarn wraps showcased in another slideshow. Terrifc use of color AND scientific info!

    Thank you again for sharing,
    Deidre Austen

    • Dear Deidre
      Many thanks for your comments – I would appreciate any sharing of your ideas which link science/social subjects/literacy and art. The children have really enjoyed linking their art to their classwork, as they come to art with lots of prior knowledge which they discuss while creating their artwork.
      Look forward to keeping in touch!
      E Williamson

  3. Students from Years 4, 5 and 6 are currently researching Australian Artists. Many are researching Albert Namatjira and Sydney Nolan. They have watched a Power Point Presentation on Pro Hart and have painted their own version of some of his popular works.

    Mrs Kath Campbell
    Teacher Librarian

  4. Hi Carronshore!

    Just a quick comment to say well done on creating the fantastic artwork for the exhibition. I think it looks fantastic and really like the tartan designs.

    I teach Art and Design at Larbert HIgh School and we are really keen to start a blog with our Art classes. I will continue to visit and encourage our pupils to have a look at your wonderful work also!

    Keep up the good work!

    Mrs C!

  5. Dear Mrs C
    Thank you for your kind comments – we are very proud of our pupils’ artwork and the Art Exhibition in Camelon Ed Centre provided us with a great opportunity to show case their work.
    I would be delighted to receive comments from your Art and Design pupils and look forward to viewing and commenting on LHS art blogs.
    Your support is much appreciated!
    E. Williamson

  6. Hello Carronshore,

    I’m really looking forward to coming back to work with you all next session – even if it’s just to view the beautiful artwork on display throughout the school 🙂

  7. Hi Evelyn, Margaret has just pointed me in the direction of your blog. It is fab I really need to find out more about this myself. Margaret is going to show it to the Art specialists after the Easter hols and hopefully they will want to try out something for themselves. Thanks for participating in the Art Exhibition which was a huge success, have a good holiday. Christine

  8. Dear Christine
    Thanks for your comments – I enjoyed participating in the art exhibition and I am fortunate that I can display the exhibits in my school for all the pupils to see.
    It’s great to receive comments on the blog and I am aiming to establish more links with teachers around the world, aswell as linking up with LHS Art and Design pupils, so lots of good things to come!

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