A Timely Reminder

 Earlier this week, I noticed a request on twitter.  …..

Thanks for the response to my students on using mobiles in school (see http://is.gd/42taB) Anyone else want to add their thoughts?”

When I visited David’s post, I was reminded of a post I’d put on the Carronshore blog a while back (2007!). I added a comment to the discussion:

Interestingly, I once asked a primary 7 class what good uses they could think of for using a mobile phone in class. They brainstormed in groups and we came up with this ‘bubbleshare’ presentation (I’m hoping the link will work when I press the publish button).


I’m so glad I found your post, because it reminded me that I only have a short while left to rescue the children’s pictures before Bubbleshare disappears …. I also noticed that the actual bubbleshare ‘show’ has been viewed 12568 times. I’ll think it deserves to be put on another webspace and shared again :-)”

When I logged in to Bubbleshare, I saw this message:

please read final








Following the instructions, however, wasn’t as straight forward. For a start, I couldn’t find the “Download album” link – and, anyway, I wasn’t really that bothered about rescuing the pictures, but I liked how we’d summarised each poster in the speech bubble comments. Then I thought about using Screentoaster to try to retrieve our efforts … after all, 12560 views must mean that the slideshow was useful to quite a few people :-). I did try using the SMART recorder tool, but screentoaster is better quality, and has the added bonus of allowing users to upload videos to their own site, so there’s no need to find another host. Once it’s uploaded, the embed code is available. So here’s our rescued ‘Mobile Phone For Educational Use’ video – well done Primary 7 (class of 2007!)

We have quite a few presentations hosted on Bubbleshare that have had 100’s of views and a number with 1000’s, but there was only one other that had hit the 12000 mark like the ‘Mobile Phone’ one, so I decided to save it, too. The quality is maybe not as good as the Bubbleshare ones, but as JV took these pictures, they’re safely backed up at home :-).

Although niether the Bubbleshare or the newly saved Screentoaster ones capture the moment as clearly as the originals do, I’m pleased that so many people viewed the presentation. It was a great teaching moment when I shared them with the classes at Carronshore the day after the eclipse.

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