My First Post In My (soon to be) New Home!

I feel like I’m living in two houses at the moment – probably the same feeling as if you’ve bought a new house, but still haven’t yet cleared out the old one, so can’t properly move in yet?

Anyway, this isn’t a proper ‘Welcome to my New Home’ post.

It’s more like a ‘This is Going to be my New Home Soon’ post.

I made a Powerpoint Presentation today after an email from a class teacher here who set up an edublogs blog after attending one of our ICT co-ordinators’ meeting a couple of months ago. She emailed me today to ask if I had any ideas about how she could involve the children more.

I think she’s doing a great job in such a short time (no sign of ads yet, either!) and I’ve been brainstorming ideas in reply to her request. I thought I’d put them on here – just to test things out 🙂


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