Our Australian Visitors!

Last Friday we were lucky enough to have two very exciting visitors in our class! Mrs P and Mrs D from Allstars came to Carronshore!

We spent a lot of time thnking up good, open questions. We’re getting really good at it now! Have a listen with our video below:



5 thoughts on “Our Australian Visitors!

  1. Hello Primary 5!

    It’s me Maryam! Sorry i haven’t wrote in ages, just been sooooo busy!
    I have been looking at all the latest updates of your blog and i was really shocked at this video! When i was in primary 7 (last year) we talked to all stars and Mrs P and Mrs D from the AllStars! Lucky you guys for meeting them!
    Anyway, I know it is a little bit late but..
    HeHe, i would have said it earlier but i have been quite busy. School is really good! Except my English teacher has left with was really sad, but now we have 3 English teachers which is very confusing.. very.
    I have been getting quite alot of tests at school on sciences and i am really enjoying all of them and i cannot wait till i go on holiday to Pakistan on the 4th of February, i haven’t seen my mum’s side of the family for 4 years! I can’t wait!

    I will write back soon.

    Maryam 🙂

  2. Happy New Year from all of us!

    We are very lucky to have met Mrs P. It was great!

    Your holiday sounds great, we want to hear all about it when you get back!


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