Kim and Gail’s Visit to Falkirk

Kim and Gail captivated the children in Easter Carmuirs and Carronshore on Friday. They were bombarded with questions about life in Australia …. and what impressions they had about life in Scotland!

In the morning, they visited Carronshore and were treated to some Fischy Music

Back in class, the children interviewed Kim and Gail. I learned loads by listening to the responses to their great questions!

Before they left, Kim presented the class with two new pets! The platypus and koala bear will be well looked after, I’m sure! 



After lunch, we headed off to Easter Carmuirs so that Kim and Gail could meet Mr O and some of the children they’ve met ‘virtually’ over the past 2 years. Again, the Primary 7 pupils had some great questions for them. Two guides then showed us round the school. We returned to the class and chatted with the children while they used technology during their Friday afternoon Golden Time slot. Kim and Richard also had a further opportunity to chat about possible future virtual ventures together.

Kim and Gail both commented on how impressed they were with these Primary 7 pupils.



2 thoughts on “Kim and Gail’s Visit to Falkirk

  1. What a great day we had meeting all the kids. The question and answer sessions were great fun, although the accents confused me a few times 🙂

  2. I’ve just deleted the webcam and audio comments I had left on this post because of the inappropriate pop-up adverts. I’ve deactivated the plugin, too.

    Pity – it seemed like a good idea 🙁

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