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Our Winter Poems

Winter Poem by JaymieIn class, we thought it would be a nice idea to use our grammar lesson to help us write Winter Poems. Here’s what we did:

  • We thought up one thing that we see, hear and smell in winter (nouns)

  • Next, we added two ‘WoW’ ¬†words (adjectives) to describe them

  • Finally, we thought up three words to describe our feelings about winter

  • We went along to the computer room and wrote our poems in a Microsoft Publisher template

  • We decorated a big ‘W’ with clipart at the start of the poem

  • We saved the publisher documents as jpegs

  • We uploaded the jpegs to Windows Movie Maker and added some nice Christmas music

Have a look! What do you think?

11 Responses to “Our Winter Poems”

  1. Lorna gower says:

    Great little piece of work. Really enjoyed reading the poems and listening to the Christmas music

    • Mrs V and P3V/B says:

      Thank you for your comment. We really enjoyed making the poems. Hopefully we’re going to be posting another blog entry today so please have a look out for it :-)

  2. Mrs Baillie says:

    Super work on your poems P3. I enjoy catching up on the Blog with what you have been doing when I am out of class in P4. Keep up the good work.

    • Mrs V and P3V/B says:

      Thanks Mrs Baillie! We’re really glad you can keep in touch through the blog. We did enjoy making the poems :-)

  3. pat graham says:

    happy winter poems made me feel cheerful and warm inside.
    Well done P3

    • Mrs V and P3V/B says:

      Thanks again for another lovely comment. We hope you keep visiting our blog because we’ll be posting more soon :-)

  4. Ross C says:

    I love the little winter poems you made I can,t wait for the next thing

  5. cpsamuelp says:

    I love that winter poem it is great. Do you like the poem. I like the song it is fab. … Any way as I was saying ,I made the winter poem too is that correct. Do you like santa is that why you made it… is it for every one even me and you. From Sam Good by.

    • Mrs V says:

      Hello Sam – yes you did make a Winter Poem as well and it looks great :-)
      I like the tune we all chose. It goes well with the poems. I hope you’re feeling better and can come back to class soon.

  6. cpsophiel says:

    I like what we done at Callander house .

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