Assembly Presentations

Hello everybody! Today was our turn to lead the school assembly! It was a bit different from our usual assemblies though. Most of our presentations were made beforehand on the computer and then projected onto our big screen in the hall. At the start and end of the assembly we played Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson.

We showed animations, videos and slideshows about Respect. Here are some of them… 

The first one is by Anna, Demi, Robyn and Alyson. 



The next one is by Natasha, Brooke, Eilidh and Vaila:

Orla, Rachel, Charlotte, Jade, Jennifer, Molly and Elisha acted out this play about Bullying:

Andrew, Kian, Cameron B, Jack, Cameron G and Angus made an animation about respecting classmates:

Next is a slideshow by Tommy, Ryan T, Lewis and Declan:

This short film is about respecting people in your community:

This is our last animation:


We had great fun working in groups making these presentations!

 Please leave comments to let us know what you think of them 🙂

14 thoughts on “Assembly Presentations

  1. Hey P6V, Great assembly! just watched all the videos! The one that lucy k and garry and all them were good the bubbles were my sister there famous!! lol
    All the slideshows were brilll must have taken alot of thinking!!

    See you alll in school!

    • Thanks very much for your comment, Jaimey! I showed you comment to P6V and they were really pleased that you enjoyed the assembly.

      It was great fun making the presentations – although you’re right about all the thinking that went in to making them 🙂

      Tell your sister ‘Thank You Very Much’ for lending her bubbles – they helped to make the short film even better 🙂

  2. hi Mrs V,

    that was kind of you to say that!,lol,i try not to think of it but now i realase that hamsters are everywhere!,Like on TV there is an advert for Zu Zu pets and there are hamsters and it says that “these great hamsters live forever!”,i was nearly crying,and remember the radio show for the person that came to the class and they were talking about dead hamsters!,and also everyone keep’s on askingif my hamster is dead!,he is all i can think about! :(,i miss him!

  3. Hi Primary 6V

    Thanks so much for all your questions for Gerald and I last week when we visited you. We loved your films and we’re glad your assembly went well. I’m sorry about your hamster Jade. I hope you feel better soon.

    Claire (from the BBC)

    • Thank you, Claire and Gerard 🙂

      We have so many pictures and video footage to look through and didn’t manage to get the post about your visit on to here for Monday as promised.

      We’ll send you a message from our class twitter account as soom as it’s ready 🙂

  4. Hi Primary 6V !
    I loved watching all of the fantastic Go Animates that you all made, and there was some brilliant ideas you all came up with. I enjoyed watching the plays the groups did, and the editing was a clever idea. I hope your assembly went great and that the whole school was impressed by the hard work you all put in for it.
    I hope to update my blog soon, and ill be checking up on the blogs from time to time.
    Hope your all doing well , and i hope to see you all soon!

    • Hi remember us!
      Are you coming to visit us again? (pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!)
      Glad you enjoyed the plays/goanimates!

      Did you like the chocolates?
      P.S poke 🙂 alyson and anna

  5. Hey 🙂

    yes i remember you all 😛

    And i dont know if i can come back anytime soon its up to the high school 🙁

    Did you all enjoy the BBC coming to see you all?

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