Learning Along The Way!

This entry is inspired by Kim who commented on my last post :

‘But just think how much you will be learning along the way )……….

(thanks also to Pam for her comment!)

One of the items on my long list was to:

• Introduce the use of vodcasts (audacity and windows movie-maker) to assist enterprising education

  I should have felt at ease with this item on my ‘to do’ list because it’s something I’ve done many times with classes.

Presenting to contemporaries, however, is most definitely not within my comfort zone so I was a bit on edge this week when I stepped up to do my bit – just one slot in the 4 hour CPD session on how the use of ICT can benefit enterprising education.

I’d brought with me an Mp3 file made by some children last year when we visited the local Bookbinders (by chance I still had it somewhere on my laptop at home). We listened to this and then I then showed the difference that was made when we added pictures to the voices.

I demonstrated how to export a recording as an Mp3 file using Audacity, and then import it to Window’s movie maker along with some pictures. The ‘audience’ then created their own mini vodcast.

Despite my lack of presentation skills, I was delighted that the feedback was extremely positive. Everyone (almost instantaneously) saw the potential for using this as a tool to improve story writing.

It was definitely the highlight of my week!!

Earlier in the day, I prepared a quick reminder guide for them (I know what they produced isn’t really a vodcast …. but the potential’s there?)

… And next week’s highlights?:
• Wednesday’s Leonard Cohen concert
• Friday’s graduation ceremony :-)!!

3 thoughts on “Learning Along The Way!

  1. Hi Margaret
    I know what you mean about presenting to your peers. I think your obvious passion for education and ICT will far outweigh your perceived lack of presentation skills. How lucky your school is to have someone with such dedication and enthusiasm (and energy by the sound of it!).

    Glad to see you have something else on the menu though other than work 😉

  2. Hello Pam,

    It’s great to have an audience. I really appreciate the comments, but I’m actually on secondment at present – so I’m not a classroom teacher (at least not for the next 20 months or so).

    I’m being paid – I hope 🙂 – to spread the word about how I’ve used ICT to improve learning and teaching with classes.

    I’m finding it difficult because I’m not a natural presenter. I would prefer to write it all down instead and have them read it, but I know that’s not the way so I’ll keep working on those presentation skills …… comments like yours really help build my confidence 🙂

  3. As someone who’s been at one of your courses 😉 I think you’re doing great!

    5LW were over the moon when they saw your comments on their wikis! I think that as they’re quite young they don’t seem to really relate to the wide audience that they are reaching. However, having someone they know, who’s no longer in the school comment really motivated them! It was much appreciated by me as well as I think a few of them are ready to give up on their wikis due to all the problems we’re having. I’m still trying to sort it out!

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