Notes On The Journey

These are notes to myself about my ‘booked’ CPD courses (until March 2009) requiring preparation time …. time management is now at the top of my CPD agenda : )

• Supporting Nursery Staff in using the new Schools- Online websites
• Introducing the use of vodcasts (audacity and windows movie-maker) to assist enterprising education
• Supporting SMT in schools to introduce innovative ICT activities to engage pupils and parents (e.g. using flickr tools to share themed photographs of school life)
• Supporting teaching staff to become familiar with the new ‘Think Quest’ facilities – including how to set up and maintain pupils’ sites
• Supporting ancillary staff to use facilities in the new Schools-Online websites such as uploading documents (newsletters, etc.) and to access and use the calendar facility
• Familiarising myself with the benefits of the Go-Animate programme, supporting Cassie in its use, preparing suitable CPD course material to enable staff to use the program creatively to improve literacy at all levels
• Supporting schools in CPD events to improve maths teaching (specifically collaborative problem solving activities ) by making it more active and cross curricular (real life maths). Adapting my own ideas used in class previously and developing a CPD activity for Primary school teachers at all stages.
• Developing up-to date CPD materials to help teaching staff make children aware of steps to take to protect themselves when using on-line environments
• Spending time familiarising myself with Front Page in order to prepare for scheduled CPD activity for staff whose schools are using this type of website
• Preparing CPD material to introduce staff to the concept of ‘Online Storytelling’ by using activities such as windows movie maker and ‘photobucket to improve literacy
• Familiarising myself with already prepared CPD material that I’m asked to deliver as a ‘stand in’ for other team members who are unavailable
• Preparing material to deliver a requested ‘sharing of good practice’ CPD event
• Familiarising myself with Smartboard use to improve the teaching of Modern Languages (looking at existing materials and up-date them for 2008/2009 delivery)
• Preparing resources for planned Cpd courses to introduce teachers to freely available online tools (animoto, slideshare, myplick, voki,etc) and to demonstrate how they can be used creatively to improve learning in literacy and in a variety of other curricular areas.

Planned self-study activities consist of:

• Liaising with teaching staff who are already using methods I’m not familiar with – podcasting hosts, the use of hand held games in education, voting tools
• Continuing to work on improving delivery and presentation skills of previously delivered courses (e.g. blogging courses, podcasting courses)
• Attending (when possible) Smartboard courses offered by other team members
• Attending In-service Day course on CPD Find by LTS (to help with vision for VTC!)
• Attending In-service Day course on Comic Life
• Attending the BETT conference and selected presentations – as well as the associated TeachMeet event

I also plan to build in time to enable the upkeep and continued (what I think are) important changes to the Staff Area of the VTC!

This has been put on hold during October / November so that in-school visits to all primary school co-ordinators (50 schools, I think?) can take place.

It has been known to visit 3 schools in one day – a time-consuming, but valuable exercise … my opinion 🙂

Phew !!!

6 thoughts on “Notes On The Journey

  1. Phew!! indeed! I’m feeling exhausted just reading it, never mind doing it! You’re making me feel slack :-))


  2. But just think how much you will be learning along the way 🙂
    Now I’ll know straight where to come for tech support!
    It sounds really exciting and more than a litle different to being in a classroom – you’re a real example of a life long learner …… out and at ’em girl!


  3. Thanks so much for being an audience for my thoughts – much appreciated!

    It is very different from classroom teaching – hard work, but a different kind of hard work. I really think that it will be just as rewarding, though (once I get the hang of it!)

    Shirley – thank you for you delicious link. I’ve ‘played’ with some of the sites and they’ve been great fun. I’m meeting with some French visiting specialists tomorrow and I’ll be sure to share your links with them. I’d love your easiteach resources, too 🙂

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