The World of Work!

 Recently Primary 7V have been ‘blogging’ about what jobs they might like to have in the future.

 Maryam posted this on her blog in January:

“I’ve been thinking of being a book writer. Well, i dont know yet but i love reading books and i always like writing stories. I might start writing more on my wiki.  My room has quite alot of books flooding everywhere. …… “

 Ainsley  also wants to be a writer. She wrote:

“i just love reading books, i dont know why, i just love it. I love to write stories and read stories. When i am older i want to become a writer and write lots of things ( but i dont know yet what i am going to write) ……..”

Nina wrote a super post about the decisions we have to make in life. You can read some of it here:

“Decisions. There is so much decisions in life there right in front of you, some are hard and some are easy (i tend to ask for advice on the hard).

…… But the one thing that is the hardest i think is what your career should be. Well when we were young we all wanted to be heroes and heroines like firemen, Police, Vets, doctor, teachers, dancers and more. But when you get older you start to think more about this. I’m not old enough to get a job yet of course but it just makes me think.

……. Here are a few jobs i’d like to do and why. Well my first one is a Journalist i’d like to do this because i like to find out things and it would be interesting and i think i’m alright at writing. I’d like to get in touch with a newspaper and get better at my writing…….”

Anna also wrote a post:

“…………Well when i’m older i really want to be something along the lines of a Journalist. (eg;Fashion magazine editor;Write:Journalist) That kinda stuff. ….

We are really lucky, because Mrs Hart’s daughter is a Journalist. We asked her if we could interview her about her job. You can watch the interview below.


Sometimes ‘Google Video’ doesn’t work in school, so we’ve uploaded it to ‘TeacherTube’, too  – but the quality and the sound isn’t as good 🙁

Download Video: Posted by carronshore at

Hopefully, we’ll be able to get some more information about ‘The World of Work’ soon. Here are some more of our thoughts …

Russell wants to be a policeman like his dad. He wrote:

“…… When i grow up i would either like to be a normal police officer which is like solving crimes and stuff. Or in the traffic police, which is like catching speeders and arriving at motorway accidents or illegal number plates. Or be in the armed responce unit which are the police with guns and go to accident which suspects are armed….”

Bethany is going to ‘go with the flow’ – she wrote:

“…… I also used to want to be either a vet or a teacher until i found out that being a vet can involve putting animals down.:( ! A teacher i am still considering with about a million other jobs).

If you think about it there is so much out there so i will just have to go with the flow and see what life throws at me!”

Monica joined in, too, with this post:

“When i am older i would like to become a singer. I would go on the X factor. I have always been quite shy. So that would be a thing i would need to work on…..”

Does anyone know Leon? …. or any other famous singers who might be willing to come and be interviewed 😀

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  1. Hello Mrs Vass.I would be glad to do the photo a day.I love typing i’m up for anything.Got to do some blogging can’t wait (click theres the camera)

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