Our Bio Poems – Thanks Sandaig Primary :)


Thank You Sandaig Otters (we ‘borrowed’ this picture from their blog!)

Sandaig Primary gave us the idea to write these super poems!

Here’s Courtney’s poem:

Happy, crazy, mad, and a good friend.
Daughter of Nettie, sister of Chelsea.
Lover of animals, chocolate and more.
Who feels happy when with friends and family.
Who needs fun and laughter.
Who gives chocolate and friendship and bad imformation.
Who fears the Dark.
Who likes to see her friends.
Who lives in falkirk in scotland.

Stuart wrote:

Sometimes happy, sad and excited.
Son of Heather, brother of Carrone and Lauren
Lover of football, golf and rugby
Who feels happy when playing with friends
Who needs privacy from his sisters and a lock on his door
Who gives love to his family
Who fears rottweilers and scary movies and his sister in the dark
Who likes to have chocolate for desert
Who lives in Falkirk, Scotland, UK

Please visit all our individual blogs at  https://carronshore.edublogs.org/primary-7-individual-blogs/ and read some more. Let us know what you think!

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7 thoughts on “Our Bio Poems – Thanks Sandaig Primary :)

  1. You are welcome, I hope my class can publish some more poems next week and get a look at yours which are great. I don’t know where I borrowed the template from, but it is a good way to make a first blog post.

  2. Courtney – 10 out of 10!!!! I’m VERY impressed 😉

    John – we had a very productive Friday thanks to Sandaig. Isn’t blogging amazing when something like this happens? 🙂

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