Primary 5V Welcome You!

      This session our blog belongs to the children in Primary 5V.

We’ve been back at school for only a week now and already everyone has created their own avatar so that you can get to know us when we write posts on here about what we’ve been getting up to in class. 

We’ve also been busy writing our Bio Poems and they were so great that we decided to record them so that we could share them on our blog.

Have a listen to some of them here and it would be great if you could leave a comment to let us know what you think of them.



46 thoughts on “Primary 5V Welcome You!

  1. I’m really looking forward to working with you this year, Primary 5V. I think your Bio Poems are fantastic and I hope to see more on here soon 🙂

    • Thank you for the comment, Ellie. You and Aimee have done a fantastic job helping everyone to add their poems to their Vokis. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Hello MrsV and welcome to all the new P5Vs,
    You have made an amazing start to the year already – I love your Vokis. Mrs V you have a very interesting looking class this year :-O

    I can’t wait to see what you get up to this year – enjoy your learning. 🙂
    Sydney Australia

    • We really liked the book that you sent to Mrs.V. we read it and we really enjoyed the part when they saw the big brick change colours talk to you soon.
      thank you xxx

    • Dear mrs P we read the book you sent to our class,it is great we liked it a lot we would love to hear more about Australia.does Australia have a blue whale in sydney harbour?

      by Faiza J and Ellie T xxx

    • Dear Mrs. P
      I ‘m from mrs. v’s class and I loved the book you sent mrs. v.
      My favourite bit in the book is where Grace is going into the pool.
      I hope to find out more about you and your class.
      Does your class have a class blog ?

    • dear mrs p
      We extremely liked the book you sent to mrs v.she read it to us.our favourite bit was the thorny devil and we hope to know more about sydney and we hope you find more books for us.

    • Dear mrs P we read the book you sent to our class,it is great we liked it a lot we would love to hear more about Australia.does Australia have a blue whale in sydney harbour?

    • HELLO MRS P thankyou for the book you sent mrs V. I loved the bits with all the landmarks.I like how it looks like a giant took a big out of Australia.And the cave that the wather that comes up to your armpits

  3. Hello Pv5 Thanks for your great comments – you are learning all about blogging very quickly indeed.

    Glad that you liked the book – it is a great book as it gives you all a taste of all the different places in Australia.

    There have been blue whales in Sydney Harbour I think. I know that we get lots of whales migrating up and down the coast and you can see them as they go past. There was a special white humpback whale called Migaloo that we have been watching since it was born a few years ago – everyone gets excited when he swims along the coast each year 🙂

    Thanks again for your comments – keep up the great work

    • Thank you again for taking the time to comment on our class blog, Mrs P. We shared this one in class today – how lovely to learn about Migaloo. Do you have any pictures of him that you could share?

  4. Hi guys. Mary from Holy Spirit Primary School in Melbourne, Australia here. I love your blog post and feel like I have got to know some of you from the other side of the world. Great job. I might share it with my 3/4 class – I am sure they will want to have a go themselves.
    I was attracted to your blog because I recognized the name Falkirk. My husband’s family came from that area before they emigrated to Australia in the late 1800’s. I am not at home to check with him now but I seem to remember him talking about Falkirk House … does that sound familiar?
    Keep sharing your learning!

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Mary. We’re so lucky that people from the other side of the world are taking the time to look at our class blog and leave us comments. Can you please send us a link to your 3/4 class blog? We’d love to read about what you all get up to in your school.

      There is a big house here in Falkirk that’s open to the public and we think it might be the one you mention. We go there on school trips sometimes to learn about life in the past. Here’s a link to a website about it

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