Max In The Middle Food !

On Tuesday the 21st of September the Max In The Middle people came . Their names were Ash and Lawrence . They put us in teams of 10 or 9 and we made food . One of the groups made Fruity Crumble Tumble, another group done Cheese Oatcakes and finally the last group made salmon boats. To make the Salmon Boats we had to grate carrots and different types of herbs . Then we got two tins of salmon and chopped it and mixed it with mayonnaise . The Oat Cakes were made by mostly oat biscuts, then the helpers prepared cheese on the table and there was also butter . Finally the last group made Fruity Crumble Tumble . They took berries from a packet and put in a bowl .They added pears, pineapple and peach as well. There was honey and yoghurt mixed together. There was also some Rice Krispies in them. The favourite was the Salmon Boats, followed by the Oat Cakes . The Fruity Crumble Tumble was not that popular that was because the berries were too sour. We got to taste the food. I’m glad we did that activity.

By Kian G

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Our School !!!

Our school is great! We have a big and a little playground. Our Head Teacher is Mrs Livingstone, our Depute Teacher is Mrs Green and the other Depute Teacher is Mrs Hart. There are 14 classes .Our music teacher is awesome but not as awesome as Mrs V. School starts at 9am and ends at 3pm.

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Class Blog Officials

Hi everyone! Mrs V is very busy so she doesn’t have the time to put new posts on our Class Blog, but luckily Mrs V has chosen 4 people to be in charge of the class blog! Right now it is Andrew F, Natasha M, Kian G and Jack D. All 4 put a lot of effort into their blogs so it was a good choice. They shall always be trying to improve the Class Blog.

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Welcome To Our New Class Blog! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more    Mrs V is back in class and this blog now belongs to Primary 6V at Carronshore. We’re all looking forward to using it to share some of the things we get up to and we’d love it if you would leave us some comments 🙂

We started our new term on Wednesday and we spent some of the time writing ‘Bio Poems’ so that you could get to know a bit about us. We’ve posted a few of them on here. Click on the arrows below to listen – and be sure to check back again soon to hear some more!


Coming Soon!

I will preview the artwork chosen for the art exhibition at Camelon Ed on w/c 8th March 2010. Choosing the artwork has been extremely challenging!

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Artwork Update

Hello, I hope you have enjoyed looking at the P 3/2 slideshow – they were really proud of their creations!
Here are some more of the art projects we have been busy with during Term 2 and Term 3. I continue to link the art to the pupils’ ES topic, as this provides a relevant context.
I would be delighted to read your comments and share any feedback!

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Our ePortfolio Experiment

Mrs Vass here! It’s been a long time since I’ve written on this blog – a big thank you to Mrs Williamson for letting me write this post 🙂

I wanted to tell everyone about an ePortfolio experiment we’ve set up with some of the Primary 6 children in Carronshore. Some of the ePortfolios can be accessed via a page on this blog and we’re hoping to add more soon.

If you play the voki below, you’ll be able to hear how Memoona is going to use her ePortfolio. 


It’s only an experiment because I’m working somewhere else at the moment, and I haven’t had a lot of time to help the Primary 6’s build their ePortfolios ….. but I think you’ll agree that the children seem to be doing just fine on their own 🙂 They chose the pages that they wanted to have included and most were very keen to have a page about their artwork.


Memoona wrote about how she enjoys art:

“I really like art and it is one of my favourite subjects.”

my art work3

Iain likes art, “especially when we can draw anything we like“!

my artwork

And in her ‘All About Me’ page, Jaimey wrote:

I am also interested in art. I really enjoy art because you can kind of express yourself in a way.”


Jaimey’s comment sounds really interesting. We’re hoping that the Art teachers in the local High School will visit the ePortfolios and join in the discussions on the Art pages. This would be great because it might help the Primary six children to learn more about what to expect in Art classes when they go to High School …. and the Art teachers will be able to learn how children in Primary School feel about the subject.

If Mrs Williamson doesn’t mind, I’ll pop back here now and again to write about how the experiment is going. Meanwhile I’m sure she’ll continue to post more of the beautiful Artwork that she helps the children with here in Carronshore 🙂

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