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Welcome to the Graham Family Wikispace! And there’s some great stuff about the Vass family, too!!

Jack and me … still laughing (now and then!) after 30 something years. laugh.gif

My name is Margaret Vass (nee Graham) and I have been married to Jack Vass for 30 yrs now (as of June, 2007). We have 3 boys – Neil (with Steph) in Manchester, Graeme (with Lyndsey) just ‘doon the road’, and Brian (still threatening to go and live in Canada for a year after graduating from Strathclyde Uni). My mum’s name was Janet Hislop, my dad’s name was Patrick Graham (big Pat). This is the story of our families – Jack’s lot were simpler to ‘track’, mine were a wee bit more challenging (maybe that’s a good thing?)

Jack is an ‘only child’ – (and loved it!)

I have 3 sisters and one brother

    • Pat ( wee Pat) is the oldest and lives in Glasgow in her lovely new house
    • Miriam (sadly now deceased) comes next. She was married to Joe (also now deceased). They lived in Tighnabruich, Argyll
    • Gerard (the only boy – now living in London). Has 2 children – Emma and Duncan
    • I’m next . I’ve been married to Jack for 30 years now!!! We have 3 boys – Neil (in Manchester with Steph), Graeme ( Just ‘doon the road’ with Lynz) and Brian (who’s threatening to leave home soon and go and live in Canada for a year!)
    • Finally there’s Rosemary (Rosie or Roma for short). She’s married to Gerry and they have 3 children – Julie, Laura and Richard.

I would like to use this space to show the Family history in pictures, videos and stories. Maybe there are some people out there who can add some missing info? Feel free to get in touch if you can.

There are pages which can be accessed on the right. The first ones are the ‘History’ pages. There are also individual pages where the present family can add any interesting things they get up to. These can then become the ‘History Pages’ for any future generations 🙂

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