Sorry About The Wait!

Well, I have been meaning to post about what we’ve been up to for a very long time now.

The trouble is that, every time I started to write this blog post, some other exciting thing happened and I had to put it off.

I love getting a bit older, but I’m learning that the older I get, the more full my diary gets!

I’ve finally managed to take some time out from my busy life to let you all catch-up.

I’ll begin with our visit to Scotland.

My nana and papa thought it would be a good idea for me and Theo to spend some time with them. Before we came, my nana helped our wee cousin Bella to send a message to us.

Have a look.

We were really looking forward to our trip because daddy was going to drop me and my brother off at nana and papa’s house, then drive back home to Manchester.

Just before we set off, though, nana phoned daddy to say something sad had happened – auntie Pat had died.

Theo and I loved auntie Pat and we were very sad too.

When we got to Scotland, daddy decided to stay there a bit longer so that he could go to auntie Pat’s funeral.

Theo and I went along to the funeral as well. Everybody we know loved auntie Pat and there were lots and lots of people there. My daddy wanted to say something special about her.

Have a listen.

Daddy went back home to Manchester after the funeral – and Theo and I had a really fun time catching up with all our Scottish relatives.

Soon it was time for nana and papa to take us back home.

It was a long journey, but Theo and I were very well behaved.

Our mummy and daddy were very pleased to see us, but they told us that we needed to get back down to the allotment to help out.

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is hard work, but we don’t mind because the food we grow is very yummy!

We had to make sure the allotment was especially well looked after that weekend for another reason.

We were heading back up to Scotland in just a few days for auntie Laura’s wedding!

I loved it – and I loved wearing a Scottish kilt again.

Everyone had such a fun time!

Have a look at some of the photographs.

My daddy chatted with me about the wedding.

Have a listen!

When we got back home after the wedding, mummy told us that there was even more excitement to come.

We all had to pack our summer clothes because we were going on an aeroplane to Greece!

Four of our friends (two for me and two for Theo) were coming with their mums and dads as well.

Here’s a picture of us heading off to catch our plane.

We had such a fun time there …. but one thing made us a wee bit sad.

We missed our wee cousin Bella’s first birthday party.

We heard all about it when we came home, though.

It looked like Bella had a lovely day – starting from the minute she woke up.

Have a look.

Her birthday cake looked yummy.

When mummy showed us a picture of it, we told her that we were sad that we hadn’t been able to come along.

But, that’s when we found out the amazing news!

Bella was coming to visit us in Manchester!

We were so excited that we almost jumped out of our car seats when daddy told us the news!

A week later she arrived with her mummy and daddy.

Theo was very happy to show her around all the favourite places we like to visit on a sunny day.

I think he was feeling quite grown up when she was around.

We had such fun playing hide and seek with her.

Can you see Bella and her daddy trying to find us?

I think it was our giggling that gave us away. We giggled even louder when she found us!

I liked showing uncle Graeme how to make pizzas.

Pizzas are one of my favourite foods and my daddy has taught me how to make really good ones.

Uncle Graeme watched how I made mine, but he was so hungry that he didn’t even want to wait until it was cooked.

I think he likes food almost as much as my brother Theo.

What do you think?

We loved having a visit from Bella and her mum and dad and it was sad when we had to say goodbye to them.

But – guess what happened the very next weekend?

Uncle Brian came all the way from Scotland to visit us as well!

We enjoyed showing him our new playroom.

He was very interested in all our toys and books. We spent hours chatting and learning together 🙂

Theo and I were a bit sad when all our Scottish relatives had gone home, so daddy thought that he’d cheer us up with a visit to the zoo.

We made a list of all the animals than we might see there.

We thought it might be a good idea to take the list along and tick each animal off if we spotted them.

Guess what? We managed to tick off every one of them!

Here’s a picture of me and Theo having a good look at the elephants.


Phew – I told you that I’d been too busy to write.

So busy that I almost forgot to tell you about our trip to Wales. Here’s a wee clip of us playing in the woods.

Well – that’s all for now.

Theo and I have a trip to Scotland planned soon.

I’ll try to write a blog post about our adventures there …. before our next Scottish wedding.

Watch this space!

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