photo a day (Q) Mary Queen Of Scots

Mary Queen Of Scots was born on the 8TH of December 1542 . She was also known  as  Mary Stuart  or Mary 1st of Scotland . We found this picture on flickr at

[Mary, Queen of Scots] (LOC)

Mrs V remembers a nursery rhyme about her that she used to sing in school but she can’t remember all the words. It has “Mary Queen of Scots had her head chopped off” in it. If anyone knows the rest of the rhyme, please let us know what it is.

By Abbie

3 thoughts on “photo a day (Q) Mary Queen Of Scots

  1. Hello P6V is the rhyme?

    When i was little we used to sing a rhyme with dandelions (at every ‘chopped off’ we flicked the heads off the dandelions)

    Mary queen of scots had her head chopped off
    her head chopped off, her head chopped off
    Mary queen of scots had her head chopped off
    and she won’t rule no more.

    I think this post is very interesting – did you know that “Mary Mary Quite Contrary” could be about Mary , Queen of Scots too?


  2. Thank You Mrs P – I’m sure that’s the same rhyme that I knew when I was at school. I don’t recognise the last line, though? I’m sure we sang something different.

    I remember the ‘Mary, Mary Quite Contrary – How Does Your Garden Grow’ rhyme, too! I’ve no idea what the origin is, though.

    I’ll try to find out 🙂

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