Burns Poetry Competition Update

Our last Class blog post was about the annual Burns Poetry Competition with a neighbouring school. We had some great primary 6v competitors this year – but we didn’t get the coveted gold medal 🙁

Natasha has written a follow-up post  about her thoughts/experience of taking part in the competition – and she mentions some great advice from Robyn. She said: 

it’s not about winning its about playing the game”

 We’re very proud of our silver ‘runner-up’ medals!

All the finalists from Carronshore received a silver medal  and Robyn brought hers in to school today to show it off.

It looks great, doesn’t it!


Here’s the Primary 6V finalists … well, it’s their voices, anyway 🙂

Robyn’s poem

  Andrew’s poem

Andrew flickr

And, here’s Natasha’s

natasha flickr

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