Our Max in the Middle Dance!

Last week we shared our Max in the middle performance with our families and our Primary One buddies. We made up two dances to include in the performance. The one below is the one that Mrs V was not in 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Our Max in the Middle Dance!

  1. I know this isnt about max in the middle dance but i would like to say that it is not letting me on my wikispace!!!! Help mrs v

    I am wearing my max in the middle tshirt right now. bye from eilidh

    • I’ve just logged on – I think it’s my fault!! I’ve used cpselidhd as your username … wrong spelling!!

      Can you try that – and I’ll fix it at school tomorrow 🙂

  2. hey Mrs V, i thought i would just drop by and say hello,so,”Hi!”,i thought i would give you some tips on peopl leaving more comments!

    1.make it long!

    2.Make it precise on how it was like!

    3.dont leave you’re blog alone to long on no one will want to look at you’re blog!

    (this is how i pick the best post of the week!),happy blogging!,xxx

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