Class Blog Officials

Hi everyone! Mrs V is very busy so she doesn’t have the time to put new posts on our Class Blog,┬ábut luckily Mrs V has chosen 4 people to be in charge of the class blog! Right now it is Andrew F, Natasha M, Kian G and Jack D. All 4 put a lot of effort into their blogs so it was a good choice. They shall always be trying to improve the Class Blog.

4 thoughts on “Class Blog Officials

  1. I think your blog is great. I’m going to use the fact that you are in charge of it to get my own pupils to do more with their class blog. (they’re 15 year old secondary school physics students!)

    • It works ok for me, Natasha. Are you sure the login details you’re using are correct? Can you get in touch with one of the others to check?

      Let me know how you get on.

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