Linking Art to Literacy

This term the children throughout the school have been participating in a cross-curricular book study and I have based my art lessons to link with their books.
Initially this was quite a challenge, as I had to become familiar with all the books, all ten of them, then try to create art lessons around the book.
However, I enjoyed sharing the books with the pupils and I think they were surprised that the Art teacher knew so much about their book!
Now follows a short slide show of a small selection of the artwork. I will post pictures of the other year groups ASAP.

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12 thoughts on “Linking Art to Literacy

  1. Gosh – I’m really impressed Mrs W and all the pupils at Carronshore! Thanks for sharing this beautiful artwork.

    What a great idea to link art to literacy, too. I love the pictures of the Primary 6’s enjoying making their creations.

    I wonder if it was more enjoyable creating the artwork because you were so familiar with the stories ….. or maybe creating the artwork, led to the book being more enjoyable ….. or both?

    I’m really looking forward to seeing more pictures.

    • Thanks for your enthusiastic comments, Mrs V. Yes, perhaps both curricular areas help support one another, but the children have certainly been very enthusiastic to create artwork linked to their class book. More pictures soon!

    • Thanks Catriona, it’s nice to hear from you again! French is going very well – I’ve started teaching it to the two Primary 6 classes and they are very receptive and enthusiastic! Thanks for your kind comments about the artwork!

  2. What beautiful art work. I’m sure making the art added a great extra dimension to your enjoyment of the stories. Some lovely ideas to try with my class when we read some of those books. I’m going to share this with some other teachers that I know will love it too.

    • Thanks for your enthusiastic comments and yes, the artwork certainly seemed to enhance the children’s enjoyment of their books.
      Reading from their books and sharing pictures from the infant childrens’ books, at the start of an art lesson, helped stimulate and focus childrens’ interest and I believe enhanced their creativity and imagination.

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