Twitter to the Rescue Again …. and Again…. and Again

I have three things (at least) to thank Twitter for recently – and I’ve been so grateful for all three that I’ve ‘harassed’ myself all day into writing this blog post!

So here goes:

  • First big thank you is to Jaye for the Glow mug. I mentioned on twitter that I thought it might be a good idea if she gave me one of her newly aquired hoard – and she did – much appreciated:-)

New Glow Mug! from margaret vass on Vimeo.

  • Next up – a great big thank you to John McLear for helping me on twitter when I couldn’t get a photopeach story to play on Falkirk’s ‘soon to be’ new blogging platform The conversation went a bit like this:


The  Carronshore Blog home is in safe hands, I think. The promise of being free, having no ads, and speedy twitter (and email) help is just grat – what more do we need 🙂

  • The number 3 Twitter rescue happened this weekend when I logged on and discovered that some twitter contacts were logging in to CANVAS . I’d forgotten my login detais, but one of the ‘twitterers’ was Derek Robertson and he sent me a twitter direct message and I was able to visit the world. All didn’t go too well on that visit 🙂


… But I got there eventually.

 Here’s some images already in the Falkirk CANVAS Art Gallery space. They’re all by the children at Carronshore Primary School – I’ve also included some others that will be added soon – enjoy:-)

CANVAS on PhotoPeach

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